When You Buy A Whimsical Garment, You Expect A Certain Level Of Packaging

Sassafras pants are fucking crazy and that’s why I love them. I have no idea how functional pockets like these really are, but who the fuck cares about functionality when they look this fucking good? I’ve never ordered anything from Inventory, but I bet you their product wrapping and presentation game is on point. I just get that vibe from those guys. I totally judge a store on it’s product wrapping game. NOT EVEN SOME TISSUE PAPER? I SPENT A TON OF MONEY ON A WHIMSICAL GARMENT. THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS COCOON THAT SHIT IN SOME BRANDED PACKAGING.

  • swagswag

    shut the fuck up u whiny lil bitch and rock your “summer corduroys?”. You drop 300 on cords for the summer and worried about tissue paper that ultimately hits the trash with the rest of the packaging. smh u got paid for this i need to find a better job

    • http://IsthisMenswear.com/ Is this Menswear.com

      Looks like someone needs to bush up on their Four-Pins Jon Moy write ups… If you had you would look far less foolish right now… And the best jobs go to people that are fun, and nice… Then you can buy whatever “summer corduroys?” you would like.