“Who The F Is That Guy?”: Revealing Street Style’s Most Mysterious Men: Part I

For those of us not blessed enough to make the biannual pilgrimage to Pitti Uomo, Milan, Paris, New York or London, trade shows and Fashion Weeks are often a spectator sport coupled with a seemingly never-ending stream of street style photos, featuring a now well-known cast of characters from across the menswear world. But to be a true armchair aficionado, you need to know ALL the players, which is why we've decided to compile a primer on the most photographed, but unknown neo-icons. So, next time you're flipping through a slideshow of Tommy Ton shots, you aren't left wondering, "Who the fuck is that guy?"

Photos Courtesy of GQ and Tommy Ton 

Jake Gallagher is a writer living in New York. Read his blog, Wax Wane, here and follow him on Twitter here.



  • Lexander_Lang

    uncle phil in the first one

  • hatehatehate

    Is that Andy Richter next to the nice try bro guy?

  • Jean Paul Versace

    WYWT JESUS!! (slide 21) s/o to sufu

  • That Guy

    Yo isn’t it Ieluzzi, with an “i”, not Leluzzi? Just asking…

  • FYFP

    It’s not Jakob Tornberg, they’re brothers (Simon Hogeman).

    • Lawrence

      Good catch. So hard to tell. Scandinavia, man, Scandinavia…

  • Steez

    That dude on the far left lightskinned is Hustler without a doubt

  • alex rudkovsky

    what a bunch of lame peacocks those are not real men or rather not how real men should dress. especially mos def looking like a typical cheap arab with his men dress and a blazer. None of these clowns couldnt fight their way out of a wet paperbag with scissors in their hands

    • Cook Suck

      lost ya fedora mate?

      • alex rudkovsky

        whats that mean?

        • biff belvin


    • Z bashua

      why hate ?

      • alex rudkovsky

        why hate? why do you assume i’m hating? i just made an observation. why dont you make an argument about “why not hate”

    • Bongo Muffin

      What do real men wear and how should they dress? Why are they expected to be super masculine men? Cheap Arab…damn son

    • dirtyjax

      hahaha.. I’m not mad at Alex. His post was funny. We take fashion way too serious. Plus, you know every fashion snob would be making fun of his Affliction shirt right now.


    seenmy tha gawd

  • david

    This one was fun

  • Nadia

    even i knew hiroki nakamura (not v mysterious) and i’m just here for the menswear bros

  • Z bashua

    thanks for sharing this. great ensemble

  • Cero

    Why the F i can only see the first picture?

  • TiagoJAM

    The guy next to Armando Cabral is Kalaf, from Buraka Som Sistema a Portuguese band, and he’s also in ACF

  • Derek Dash

    Where can I see Poggy’s infamous Mt. Rushmore pic?

  • Booger Snitzle

    Ya’ll scip scap scallywags can’t touch my MC Hammah Pants!!!