Who The Fuck Is TSY?

R.I.P., R.I.P., R.I.P. The Selvedge Yard just killed the T-shirt game. Who the fuck is The Selvedge Yard? If you don’t know you don’t know shit about this Internet game. How about one of the most OG blogs that has an image collection that makes your Tumblr look like a vapid cork board freshman chicks put up in their dorm room. Oh yeah, and the writing is way fucking better than those "longform" posts you crank out once a month too. It’s almost like JP wants to make all of us look like fucking chumps. Just because he's crushing your dreams doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support and a grab a tee. I mean, the holidays aren’t completely over and you haven’t worn a T-shirt that says "fuck" on it for your Gam-Gam and Pop-Pop yet. All orders can be placed by emailing info@selvedgeyard.com. I know who the fuck TSY happens to be, my only question is: will the T-shirt make my boobs look that good too?

5 Responses to “Who The Fuck Is TSY?”

  1. ATLien

    My only question is where can you wear this ? I guess out to a bar, but I don’t have the swagger/balls to pull it off.

  2. Un-Shure

    I am not very OG been in prison too long in my past life still don’t know Who The Fuck IS TSY?

  3. greyfox26

    The word “fuck” can be very good in emphasizing your point but it’s overuse can become extremely boring.


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