The Women Of New York Fashion Week: Part II

Justin would like to thank his sponsor, Hickies.

Justin Bridges is a photographer living in NYC. See more of his work on his blog, Tucked, here. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • Yes.

    The flex is so unbearably skrong.

    • Nick Wooster

      I don’t get it

  • patricia estrella

    Slide 30: Mira Duma has freckles? I love her even more.

  • NP10

    35 and 29….Damn I hate being a nobody and living in the middle of nowhere

    • blackballs

      29 doesn’t try hard like the rest of the set

  • Holiday Kirk

    Oh yeah there never are women in these. Supwitdat?

  • Class A Rando

    19: Mid-riff with tha DB coat. Hngg.

  • Jon Moy

    15:that’s Lawrence’s girl

    • Lawrence

      nah, but that is my friend Carey.

  • Scott

    24 has so many struggle bloggers dressed in shitty clothes. Get a stylist

  • Cult of Personality

    Russian mafia always skrong in 30

  • Cocaine

    Justin killed it

  • TIC

    10, 17, 52 – congratulations.

  • Young

    of course the women renegaded all over nyfw

  • girls r amazing at clothes

    jesus every fit is so fucking dope.

  • queb

    #21 The dude in the background is the only one who isn’t too coked out to realize it’s cold as fuck.

  • Another


  • realtrehunnaJR Bow

    I was so confused when I clicked on that Hickies link…like what the fuck.
    but whatever Justin get that money

  • Cool

    Slide 56 is a mistake, as that picture is from “The Women of Hogsmeade Fashion Week.”

  • Emilio

    Where do they make these women? Clearly I’m not going to the right places…

  • Schwartz

    Clean work, all the way through J well done.

  • bitcheslovethatshit

    females defs shit all over the males…glad to see no try hard streetwear chicks