Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Fall/Winter 2013 And The Complete Pitti Experience

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. debuted their Fall/Winter 1013 collection at Pitti Uomo today. I KNOW, FUCK ALL THOSE DUDES IN ITALY WALKING BY THOSE CONCRETE BANKS, TRYING TO SIGN ON TO THAT SHITTY FREE WI-FI SO AS TO AVOID EXPENSIVE OVERSEAS DATA PLANS, AMIRIGHT? Woolrich John Rich & Bros. is like the oldest brother of the whole Woolrich clique. It's bit more conservative that McNairy's Woolrich Woolen Mills, but more tailored and put together than Woolrich, their lame ass dad. The upland style jackets always win and the Loro Piana parka is no doubt comfortable, as well as probably being expensive as fuck. The label is also reviving a ‘70s iteration that centers on lamping in the mountains, The Sound of Music style. To help give you the complete Pitti experience, we are pleased to present the entire collection. You should turn the heat up a little bit, or put your jacket back on because if you were at Pitti you’d stay rocking your initial get up as long as possible to ensure maximum exposure. It will be hot because there are WAY more people than you realized and there are tons of lights and people and you have to keep walking around because there are so many people here and how are you going to just bump into Mimi Fukuyoshi and impress her with your next nxt lvl layering so much so you get a job flying around the world looking at clothes for a living if you don’t keep all your layers on?

  • http://kennyp.tumblr.com Ken P

    eh, not as good as WWM and WWM was way better with daiki

  • Nico

    fuck logos, ima b forreal tho there some workable gems in here. btw i got this press release too – IM STILL RELEVANT (yeah!)

  • Ed

    I don’t know why, but the white dude is really pissing me off with his slightly-open mouth. I could understand getting caught in one picture like that, but it’s every picture. It has to be deliberate, and it makes him look like a mouth-breather. It’s distressing my sensitive disposition.

  • Art

    Brief collection

    • lawrences

      I know, right?