World’s Biggest Hypebeast Ruins Everything

Meet Brandon Sales, super rich (apparently), UK-born, designer (of his own brand, LuxuryExcellence, because, of course), "stylist" (he dresses himself?), self-proclaimed "influencer" (we're not even fucking with you) and undisputed heavyweight hypebeast champion of the world. Over the course of a few years, Sales has made a "name" for himself by buying any and all designer fashions, putting them together in the corniest outfits possible and doing his best to befriend anyone even remotely famous enough to help him push his lifestyle terrorism.

What's scary is that based on Facebook and Instagram, his plan is seemingly working. Early this year he was interviewed at London Fashion Week about this outfit and his various exploits, to which he replied, "I'm just going for that whole futuristic vibe—[a] mix of kind of heavenly with the all-white. I don't know, it's something outrageous and different, I guess." So, yeah, dude is highly fluent in fashion buzzword fuckery, completely devoid of logic or, you know, an actual idea. But, of course, actions speak louder than words! Brandon also sucks at those. His purchases are so lavish, so frequent, so shameless that it's almost like he's trying to ruin absolutely everything for the rest of us.

While it's easy to say that we're simply hating on Brandon, his "personal style", hustle and money, stating such irresponsibly removes Brandon of all accountability in terms of his pathetic, transparent thirst for the recognition of others. Brandon, and anyone really, can play the "hater" card all they want, but at the end of the day, if you're relentlessly taking to social media to brag about your life, you better have skin as thick as your Balmain leather.

Update: Read our follow up interview with Brandon Sales here.

  • jack

    brandon is that dude why hate

  • Guest

    jake woolf is that dude why hate

  • Alex

    Saw this kid milling around by himself at the HTM Flyknit drop in London earlier this year, if anything he’s just lonely as fuck, let him pine for the Instagram followers and photos with Don C, as long as it makes him happy who cares?

  • RipShitOrBust

    … and you just wrote an article about him. Exactly what he wants.

    • ModerndDayPhilosopher

      yeah but if I read this article I would cry, I mean dude is the opposite of everything he thinks he is, it kind of pathetic, if it weren’t for money where would he be?

      • RipShitOrBust

        Cry? What kind of man cries in 2013?

        • ModerndDayPhilosopher

          A man in touch with their emotions, lol. Is okay let it out, nobodies going to judge you.

          • RipShitOrBust

            Haha thanks for the reply on this

    • Luis Fierro

      right. its funny cause the writer sounds a little jealous. i mean this nigha aint ruin shit for me. i wouldnt wear shit that he rocks. i mean who wants to walk around looking like kanye the 35 year old hypebeast.

      • branye kreast

        how can kanye be a hypebeast when he’s the source of a majority of these ‘hypebeast’ fashions?!

        • branye kreast

          i.e. if he started the fashion/hype how can he be a hypebeast himself

          • shawn

            Hi Virgil

          • branye kreast

            its kim actually

      • RipShitOrBust

        Nah, Jake ain’t jealous… I just think it’s ironic to heckle the kid for being a “self proclaimed influencer” and then right an article about how “his plan is seemingly working”.

        • Yani Lee

          I dont think jealous is the correct word, but one cant deny how ironic the whole article is. If you hate someone so bad, why fuel the fire and give him added publicity?I also see this is the most ‘hyped’ article posted in a long time, coincidence? Doubt it. Keep doing what makes you happy.

      • jo

        your a dumb ass. this dude obviously stole Kanye’s style and still can’t quite pull it off and look natural

    • Obama
  • Yeezus

    Where my nigga Franalations at!

    • GKS (Gentlemen Know Style)


  • john cena

    fuck this kid

  • a$ap trillswagyolodope

    Thumbs up if you follow him on instagram/facebook, for the sole purpose of laughing at him.

    • Kieran Masterman


    • Geovane M

      Well you’re still just another person giving him more attention.. That’s how he sees it

      • TrillestDernL

        How HE views it, not everyone else.


    I’ve chilled with him a few times and he’s actually a cool dude in person but I do agree he portrays himself in an extremely bad light online

  • a$ap poo

    possibly the worlds most awkward kid IRL.

  • Lboy

    So you write an article on a 19 year old kid poking fun? have you got nothing better to do lol.

    • James Harris


    • Krisztián Gyuró

      is he 19?? he looks like a 15 yr old boi

  • Marcus Sims

    obviously his shit is working. Isn’t this what you fashion nerds do anyways? half the shit that’s “stylish” looks just like dumb shit this guy wears. Give him a break

  • Max W


  • Ken P

    Dudes got to step up his interior design game. You ain’t about that life until your room is as steezy as your clothes… even if said room is in your mom’s basement

  • BeatUProver

    whats he ruined? I want my 2 mins back

    • Luis fierro

      right. i dont rock any of the shit he wears and i wouldnt even if i could afford it. who wants to walk around looking like a fool.

  • Khaldrogo

    How embarrassing

  • Brandon Sales

    Virgil is my hypebeast daddy.

  • William Alsup

    dude’s corny as hell lol keep doing your thing though broski….


    My eyes are bleeding.

  • Woof.

    Well you certainly took this 19 year old kid down a notch

  • aboynamedandy

    LOL. I stumbled on this guy’s Instagram a while back and instantly thought, “what a dick.” Thank you for more eloquently insulting this fucking douche, Jake.

  • Hugo

    Well i guess I can not wear any of the clothes he ever wore because I will live in fear that I look like an idiot. Thank you brandon for opening my eyes and showing the retardness of the fashion industry. I’m gonna 3D print my own clothes or something.

  • Piero Scaruffi

    why is it that British teens in particular like to fag up streetwear?

    • Jahn Hall

      why is it that insecure brahs like to throw around words like “gay” & “fag” when describing fashion like it’s some negative thing? seriously, dude. fashion as we know it was pretty much built by gay men. if you want to throw in your two cents, rad. just don’t sound like a fucking 12 year-old doing it.

  • bambaclart

    bet he loves odd future too, i bet.

    • Justin

      whats wrong with Odd Future fuccboi. also i bet you he doesnt.


        I HOPE HE DOESNT….
        I MISS 2011

        • Justin

          why you replying to an old comment.

  • guidson

    And you’re writing an article about him which is full of hatred for a minimal wage, while he burns $100 bills in some random hipster club during the London Fashion Week. I know what you’re implying here and I agree on his bad taste for style, but to be honest this article is 75% based on jealousy. Fair enough.

    • Guest

      At least the guy who wrote this has probably been inside a woman. I doubt Brandon has.

  • Ryan Waymen

    why the fuck have you wrote article and exposed this kid to your reader base (including me). Whats next a article on the lady who works in the corner shop an wears fake gucci. Fuck sake.

  • James Dean

    So is Kanye a hypebeast as well? What about every other rapper who wore those dumbass $1million Givenchy shirts?

    • kanye breast

      but brandon rips off kanye 24/7

  • disguyahh

    ps check how rad his clothing store is, there none on there because he bought it all. exclusive



  • Brandon Sales

    He’s blatantly Jewish.

    Share his video:


  • I’m Confused

    The irony in this article is killing me; here a clothing blogger is calling out a kid who is wearing the same clothes that the blogger is blogging about. My head is spinning. Clothing blogger is accusing clothing wearer of being unoriginal, but when was blogging about what other people are designing a creative vocation? Get over yourself Mr. Blogger, you are calling out your direct audience, without him you would be living in your parents basement, oh wait…

    • Bongo Muffin

      So basically in your eyes being critical isn’t a worthy aspiration. Or journalism for that matter.

      • I’m Still Confused

        I don’t think you know what being critical is, or journalism for that matter. There is no substance or insight to this, and it doesn’t need to be an article. It could be summed up with a picture of the guy and a caption saying “Hah this kid is a poser”

  • yang

    just an kanye west disciple people

  • dreamies

    english franalations ahahaha

    • Ces1ne?


  • Adolf Hitler

    brandon sales

    #1 fuccboi

  • Adolf Hitler


  • dwayne

    i feel like if this kid was black, no one would give a fuck, in fact they’d applaud his entry into the fashion world.

    • martin luther king


  • HypebeastKilla

    Anyone got an address for the guy, good use a couple garms for my holiday. Permanently.

    • brandon sales

      come at me bro.. fukin jealous hater

      87 Brompton Road

      SW1X 7XL

  • ryduhh

    i realize i’m just pissing in a sea of piss right now, but jake is totally right. when the kid says “I’m just going for that whole futuristic vibe—[a] mix of kind of heavenly with the all-white. I don’t know, it’s something outrageous and different, I guess.” my eyes rolled so far back i got vertigo. he has no clue why he’s wearing anything. i’m all about purposeful style ~ as in, if you’re wearing something on purpose and WITH A REASON (aside from the fact that it was expensive or it’s ‘designer’, which is what this kid is doing). he’s actually wearing the clothes he’s wearing because not everyone can afford them. and did he work for the money he has?

    • kanye breast

      that outfit is based on what I wore when I did a couple of gigs in london, wearing an all white outfit including a maison martin margiela mask

      • Dan

        actually….. brandon wore it first. fashion week was before the kanye show.

        • Sam

          “Brandon wore it first” looool hopefully that doesn’t take off.

        • kanye breast

          nope i definitely wore it first, perhaps not at the london shows, but i 100% wore it at others, before brandon did.

    • James Wilson

      Most potent piss in aforementioned sea of it.

  • Micaela

    This was one of the saddest things i’ve ever read – the article, the subject of the article, the fact that it made me comment… I have to review my Internet feeds – and cut out all blogs about clothing and rappers – they’re ridiculous and are making me dumber by the minute (how was I ever so much into this bullshit and why do I have 30 pair of New Balance shoes under my ned now?) “Everything happens for a reason.” I guess.

  • piet mondrian moustache

    hypebeast at their prime.
    i was expecting an ether i was let down.

  • Diane Young

    I think the writer needs to ask himself why he wrote this article and why he cares so much that this guy is thirsty for recognition by others; why does he care about his tastelessness? Also, I wonder what the editor thought when he read this and was like “yeah, lets publish this, great content.” Maybe the editor OK’d this for shits and giggles, cuz, I mean this article is so irrelevant to life in general. God I love this web site.



  • bluntcrusher

    i bet he could tell you not one single thing about metallica + he looks borderline primordial dwarf. i can see the snot-nosed-brat just emitting from him. 10/10, would rob at barehanded-point.

  • imsonewyork

    niggas is just mad cause they don’t get money like this nigga Brandon! $

    • NotSoQuitObserver

      “This Nigga Brandon”, how so? He don’t look black to me. On the other hand he may be trying to appropriate certian “urban”, I mean black, cultural cliches!

  • kicks2fly

    and you became liable for cyber bullying and degradation of a person which will land you on a law suit, brandon is my dude if you aint fucking with him then just hop off the hating train b

  • Michael

    People can argue about exposure and such. But in reality, everyone’s right. Yes writing an article about him is not only feeding the foul social media succubus, but at the same time he is devoid of logic. He is literally a 21st century zombie. A slave to the capitalist pigs.

  • Derrick

    Well this is mean.

  • Scott Lippens

    I think we should look at brandon in another perspective, he has shit load of gear but indeed NOTHING of taste, but c’mon admit that some of the shit he has is sometimes pretty dope. You should take “”””inspiration””” on a few looks an filter it down to what you like of it.

  • Godfrey

    this fool and @itslavishbitch should have a battle for who can flaunt more wealth.

    • hypeo

      Wealth ? those fools most definitely don’t have “wealth”. Bill gates, Warren buffetf, Carlos Slim now those are people with “wealth”

    • Krisztián Gyuró

      definetly lavish would win

  • Mturman3

    This has got to to be the most commented article I have seen on Four-Pins. Brandon really got the people going! And those photos are hilarious. I think people forget that Four-Pins is about pointing out the absurdity in high fashion, Brandon is just one example of that (albiet an extreme one).

  • e

    this kid should be shot, in the face

  • B. Sales

    Damn son, you just set yourself up for an ass-whooping under defamation laws :)

  • Antoine Rashaud Sullivan McCle

    Yeah, my nigga B-Sales gettin his shine on! Stomp on these haters with every single pair of shoes you own that are designed by Kanye West, choke em wit ya excessive amounts of gold chains and slap em across the face with ya snake skin brimmed Don C hats! And on their last breathe tell not to fuck with the HEAVYWEIGHT HYPEBEAST! Ya huuurd.

  • physiks_VA

    sounds like you’re a hater writer and wants his outfit.. what are you some teen hoping mommy gives a bigger allowance?


    dude paid you guys to do this “article”?

  • JakeWoolfLost

    Let’s be real. Let’s take reality and the big picture into consideration. To any secure, non-fuckboy male on this planet, none of the shit this kid wears should effect anyone. I mean this literally…what he wears MEANS NOTHING..WHY does it matter. WHY is Jake Woolf so transparent and contradictory in his attempt to deflect the hater label. YOU ARE A HATER. Everything about this “article” (pathetic) SCREAMS INSECURE SOUR HATER MAD WITH HIS OWN PERSONAL LIFE. You need to look in the mirror and realize that you are corny as corny can be, and you are extremely sour and hateful towards people that in REALITY to a healthy normal functioning secure successful male, SHOULD NOT MATTER!!!!!!!! AT ALL!!! Seriously….just look in the mirror for a long time and soak up all that insecurity you see and come back and read the article you wrote. Including the last paragraph which was clearly a pathetic and desperate attempt to try to swindle dumb sheep readers into thinking “oh ok he’s not hating” …Nah sorry my IQ is higher than that. This “article” could be re-written as simply “Hi I am insecure cornball Jake Woolf, and I let other human beings, namely male, effect my homotions by their “FASHION” ……C’mon man….you making yourself look like a flat out gossiping little sour puss elementary school girl, and YOU AREN’T fooling anyone.

    • Jake Woolf

      I see your point. By calling me, a stranger and someone who to a normal (whatever that means), functioning (working, working out, dancing, screwing?), secure male shouldn’t matter (to use your own words), corny, pathetic and desperate (your words again), you’ve proved how comfortable you are in your own skin. That’s awesome man. Maybe someday I can be as level-headed and Zen as you are, but for now I think I’ll just keep doing my job.

    • tr143

      You’re commenting on a clothing site, and you’re seriously asking why Jake should comment on clothing? Please – PLEASE – think about this.

  • queb

    Whatever, I wouldn’t trade faces/bodies with that guy for all the money in the world.

  • Geoffrey

    we all get lonely. this kid is just bad at it.

  • Golden Brown

    you know i wouldnt even know who this fag is if you hadnt posted it. thanks a lot…

  • ddd

    The only thing that bothers me is the Metallica shirt, and his inability to use the correct their/there, were/we’re on his twitter page.
    All that money and no education, what a waste.

  • Jordan Tunnicliff

    He’s from the UK. On behalf of my fellow countrymen, I apologise that we’ve gifted this….thing….to the world.

  • muhaisnah4

    his the British Franalation

  • Dearmolish

    But the thing is mate… do you bang girls… no, you don’t. prick.

  • Dearmolish

    I live near this guy, I can punch him for anyone, leave a request.

    • ola dioss

      who is he tho??? lol

  • Dr. Steve


  • Y0D

    shouldnt really post his facebook account-as much as he uses social media..

  • Obama
  • Krisztián Gyuró

    Lol the dress in all white w/ air-mags is completly fucked. Shoulda been balenciagas

  • lalalalala

    like i said joke wolf lost..what a ho nikka

  • janelle

    That’s one ugly kid

  • nbozich

    You can just look at him and tell his heart isn’t in it. True “hype beast” or people with personal style for that matter actually have a sense of said personal style when you see them. When I look at this douche I see a lil kid with money that buys whatever is trending.

    • tr143

      Good point. I mean, it’s easy to walk into any store with $1200 and pick pants, a shirt, and hat with the same pattern in it. That doesn’t mean you have style.

  • ne-yo with hair

    look Jake is entitled to his own opinion but he swears so much in stuff like this and makes hi sound like a dick

  • dopeinmysock

    i swear on my life if i saw this kid in the streets he would have his shit ran

  • yo_shapiro

    Keep up the good work Jake. Site’s getting bigger and better each time I lurk.



  • Ady Huq

    its not jealousey… its just hilarious to see some nerdy ass white chavy kid dressed in all this gear… when he looks like the kind of faggot to be playing W.O.W while reaking of piss and B.O living on a council estate…hahaha

  • Null

    What’s wrong with the way he dresses? If he likes it, then it’s all fine.
    No need to bash on someone that likes to wear whatever he likes.
    You seem to bash on people that like to wear whatever they want
    and rich people in general.

    • ola dioss

      it’s all fine to like something, but if your gonna brag about it then be prepared for criticism.



  • Deaunte Shugart

    At least he switches it up everynow and then so its not always black or white and adds color

    Be Young

    • tr143

      My grandma does that too and she has Alzheimer’s.

  • Geovane M

    He looks like an idiot. Nothing in this says he has absolutely any sort of personal style or taste. Designer labels or not, you cant buy style.

  • Glenn TheSituation Danas

    This clown does not listen to Master of Puppets, ever.

  • ola dioss

    this is horribleeeeeee…he probably got shit stained underwear on too. you can’t pay for school but you can’t buy class.

  • lilbitch

    that fucking hair lol. its got to go