World’s Most Epic Fashion Instagram Overshadows Hood By Air Prize

Check out this photo that was just taken at the awards ceremony for the LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize. The pic features some of the biggest names in fashion today and ever, from Riccardo Tisci to Raf Simons to Marc Jacobs to Phoebe Philo to Karl Lagerfeld aka Driving Miss Dracula, who served as the judges for the prize. Oh yeah, and that dude from Opening Ceremony was there too. First of all, let's note the fact that both Raf and Marc are both wearing Stan Smiths, so, wow, Adidas really is flourishing. I'm surprised Pheobe isn't wearing hers. Let's also note how much doper Raf looks in them than the forever swagless Marc (#bringbackfatMarcJacobs). Karl is his typical self, as is Riccardo, who, as always, showed up in the T.J. Maxx special discount Ralph Lauren buttondown. This shit is essentially the Justice League of fashion, the 1927 Yankees of wears. Oh right, Hood By Air won 100,000 Euros. Uh, congrats Shayne!

  • Nerd

    id fuck phoebe philo no questions asked

  • meow

    fuck stan smith’s.

  • kanyeshrug


  • Dagoat Man

    sooooooo who is the dude on the far right looking all super intense and shit?

    • Nerd

      nicolas ghesquiere you basic bitch

      • Dillon