The Worst “#GQ” Tagged Pictures On Instagram: Part II

As we stated in last week's round up of the worst outfits tagged "#GQ" on Instagram, the amount of dudes with terrible style on Instagram who think they don't have terrible is endless. Shitty clothing worn by those lacking self-awareness is an epidemic so far reaching and ubiquitous that it makes us question what the fuck we're even doing trying to show anyone products and styles that are actually good. But we'll keep fighting the good fight. For the time being, let's once again see what kind of fuckery is happening under the "#GQ" tag on Instagram, if for no other reason than knowing for sure just how bad it really is out here.

  • Eric

    This is fucked up. Did you even get consent from these people to use their pictures in this “article”? Celebrities and people(lavish p) who open themselves up to this kind of harassment is fair game but these are just regular clueless people. This is just in bad taste and practically bullying.

    • jack

      which number are you??

    • Tucci

      It doesn’t matter, clearly none of these people know what a fashion blog is

    • James

      I agree you’re going to mess with the wrong person and could be sued. Even if they don’t win it will be heck of a roller coaster for you. Bad taste! Bullying! You’re being mean just to get hits on your site! You’re not paying to use their photos on your business site!!! Fashion is expression not a uniform. Ppl can wear whatever the hell they want. That’s what keeps things interesting! Plus everyone starts somewhere. They are learning and you’re crushing their efforts. At least they are trying! It would be more beneficial for you to post pictures of ppl that you like. The ppl would come to your site and start tagging you in posts to win. By bashing ppl you’re making the normal everyday man hate you and avoid your site. Honey gets more bees!!

      • Jack

        mean people on the internet do i smell a scandal

    • itstheDoom

      Get consent? Fuck that noise, what does 4-pin need consent for, these clowns posted their own photos on IG tagged their shit so we could all see how dope they are, if your gona flex and tag your shit bring your “A” game or prepare to get clowned and bullied. #dontbealittlebitch o ya I used my real profile some come find me #interwebbeef

  • tobes

    I found it hilarious how over the top mean you were with the captions. To anyone saying things about permission, these pictures are public and literally have been tagged by the users with #GQ for more visibility. If that added visibility draws criticism, that’s their own fault.

    • Lisa

      They tagged GQ not four pins! So no where in their photo or tags gives four pins permission.

      • disliked

        then I guess no one can like or comment on any picture on instagram

  • Nerd

    Slide 20 killed me. It’s like the antonym of GQ personified. Twice.

  • John

    Amazing, keep these coming.

  • Mhealx

    You should comment on the photo’s and link them to the article, it might increase their style with some constructive criticism!

  • GDs

    Genius. #6 and #14 were tops (especially the copy). nicely done.

  • prickasso

    yo i LUV this feature. guys who dress like this are so much more offensive than guys who have no style and don’t bother making any pretenses about it.

  • Lisa

    You’re out to mock, harass and bully. If you really cared about fashion you’d give helpful advise. But your meanness shows your motives and character. You’re building yourself up by ripping others down. Not cool!!

    • School is Cool

      Damn, girl….I’m not trying to be mean, but you need some serious spelling and grammar lessons….

  • Tria

    These outfits aren’t half as embarrassing as this distasteful post and what it represents. If you’re going to attempt to sound like you have a clue about what you’re saying, the least you could do is educate yourself on the term verbiage. Then you may possibly have a chance at not sounding like an illiterate dunce

    • Ken

      I know! Look up the writers name on Instagram! He can’t even dress and has no personality! Looks like a clone and copy cat.

      • jakewoolfsmom

        Hey Ken, do you even know how to spell Visvim? fuccboi

      • Bill

        Right, no creativity in his clothing choices. Just an arrogant mommas boy!

  • Save Our Generation

    And these “you guys are mean” comments are exactly why people call Drake the rapper of our generation…

  • Nana Lomingo Nasson

    the fourth picture is a man wearing a traditional attire usually worn by men from central ans western africa you ignorant motherfu***ers.

  • Keilo Starr

    I Liked Three Of Those Fits But That’s Their Personal Style You Can’t Tell Somebody What Looks Bad On Them Because At The End Of The Say If They’re Comfortable In It That’s On Them…Also Follow Me On IG: Marnae_LaRoux

  • Z_A_R

    Jake Woolf, stop living in a glass house. You are not any good than any of the peeps you are trying to embarrass here or I should say some are even better than you. You are self-awareness lacking being, copy cat – yeah, I wasted my time to check you out on ig and ignorant, did you really ask what the gentleman in slide 4 was wearing? Do us a favor,get yourself enlightened and strive to acquire the ability to appreciate critically. why don’t you blog on the worst fashion bloggers on ig and put yourself first – at least you will know you are good or came first at something

  • Ces1ne?

    What the hell is going on in the comment section of this article??? Bunch of over sensitive bitches

  • Brandon

    Please keep doing these, they’re great.

  • p.r.ide

    Four Pins is a lifestyle focused site, so why show us this post. This is lightly comical but also slightly tragic. I just want the influential topics.

  • Cook Suck

    this is fucking hilarious

  • squatty

    may have been funny, but fourpins is a corporate bitch hypocrite.

  • Matthew Pike

    Some straight up office homies here

  • tobythemac

    #4 looks like Gloworm

  • Josh

    Of course everyone would freak out on this article about Jake being mean. Yo, if you’re going to post a photo to instagram for all the world to see and try bragging about your style, you should be prepared to be mocked. Also, why should 4 pins post photos of stylish men? They do that enough already and, lets be honest, that’s what tumblr is for. Why should they give advice on how to be stylish? This is a place for people who already know the game. I stopped reading GQ exactly for this reason. All they post is advice on how to be stylish. I’m tired of reading the same boring message. It’s always “get a good tailor” and “GQ Rules on how to buy a good suit” and stuff.

    Also, “it’s their personal style” is only said by people who have no style.

  • Jayeson Forrest Douthit

    #15 Major Lazer x Land’s End