The Worst “#GQ” Tagged Pictures On Instagram

“Your look is so GQ” is a phrase as iconic as any, undoubtedly sewn into the cultural fabric of men's fashion. Despite the rise of a self-educated #menswear community more interested in describing their own taste and dress, the magazine formerly known as Gentlemen's Quarterly continues to inspire generations of men to be better when it comes to putting on clothes. And yet, when the “#GQ” tag appears on Instagram, it’s, well, bad. Really fucking bad. As it turns out, most men still don’t know what the hell they’re doing when it comes to simply avoiding looking like a total asshole. This fact is, of course, no fault of GQ. It’s unfortunate that the storied publication is now attached to a virtual pile of dog shit, forcibly handcuffed to outfits and their perpetrators who believe their look is deserving of a self-imposed GQ stamp of approval. AND THAT SHIT IS ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HILARIOUS!

After browsing the tag yesterday afternoon and reveling in the incomprehensible sartorial struggle of others, we felt compelled—as if it was the sole reason we were put on this earth—to share the spoils with you, dear reader. We ’ve picked the worst or, rather, some of the worst because—YO—this shit goes DEEP. Like, motherfucking-motlen-hot-center-of-the-earth deep. It appears as if we here at Four Pins, like our brethren at GQ, have still have our work cut out for us.

  • B-Rad

    I’m dead

  • B-Rad

    I’m dead

  • Guest

    King Woolf

  • brah

    #17 is LAS with a slightly larger oral fixation

  • GDE

    The verb “breathe” has an “e” at the end of it (slide 21). Otherwise funny/observant.

  • realm69gang

    #20 is fucking classic

    • juicy j

      it look like something chief keef’ll wear for prom, it’s there was a prom for kindergarten

  • Myvchole Price

    What’s the big deal?

  • Mo

    Please make this a weekly series

    • Jordan Tunnicliff

      I agree, this needs to be weekly along with more crap T-Shirts.

  • Is this

    Making my job to easy…

    • d


    • Gob

      Dude, you’re so damn weird – why do you post thousands of pictures of yourself in the same poses to almost no reception (on Tumblr, idk about instagram).

      • Is this

        Thank you for checking out the site. Honestly menswear is my passion. You are completely right there are thousands of images documenting my daily menswear. It also shows a story of progression. I have never really cared about reception. Yes Instragram has provided a platform that has added a very social element that allows for a greater audience interaction. And if I am going to put a product out into the world I better do a good job… Speaking of which check out my menswear line as made in British Columbia, Canada.

        • MCRen

          Fuck your couch.

  • G

    I’m like 82% positive p_beaumonde (#17) just posts pics of random dudes.

  • TheFashitecteur

    I made the list! #21 – Thanks for the shout-out, even though it isn’t on the best of terms!

  • Thig Nat

    Anyone else suddenly in the mood for Lucky Charms after looking at #20?

  • Andrew

    Dat Trinity knot joke.

  • WolvesAteMyDad

    #5 is dope don’t front

  • A$ap Ferg´s accountant



    • ryan

      you shouldn’t* be allowed to comment nor type in all caps.

    • Cameron Douglas

      lol k

  • Davey

    I’m assuming you chose to leave this one behind because you didn’t want to literally kill everyone with this sartorial WMD:

    “Be creative with your 3 piece suits. Leave your trousers behind and put on a nice fitted pair of jeans For those casual nights.”

    – @p_beaumonde

  • smillz

    i’m 90% certain that if a famous fashion blogger wore some of these outfits, this magazine and many other would talk about how great of a look it is

    • CJ

      aint that the truth!

  • Ke’Aun Charles

    This is the perfect way to start my day. #11 and #20 had me dying.

  • Style_guy1990

    #17 or @newmans_closet looks like a gay unicorn tripping on acid threw up this monstrosity. My eyes are just trying to breath through this fluorescent tragedy

    1. Homeboys fitting is terrible. You can see dudes junk due to pants not fitting right. Shit looks untailored and basic.

    2. The choice of patterns and colors. Seriously bro just choose one and work around that. There’s a way to wear bright colors but do it with tact. This shit is just rude and tacky.

    3. Bright blue chinos….no fucking comment

    4. How this guy had over 10 followers ill never know. I guess they are all sad stories trying to stick together. I know it ain’t for inspiration. Cus if it was I’d burn all my clothing and forget style and fashion…SMDH

    • Ken

      Really? I think the collage is obnoxious but I actually like a few of his looks. This page seems to stifle free thinkers .

    • James

      Sounds like you have a personal grudge with this fellow. Chill out it’s just cotton.

    • Bill Smith

      The colors are a little loud when its all bunched up in one collage, but the outfits alone, some of them look really nice!
      BTW… was featuring chinos, so he must be doing something right!

  • J

    My computer wouldn’t let me click past 20. I had seen too much.

  • Matthew Pike

    Looking forward to seeing if he gets some more chinos, though we all know the answer

  • lazy_panda

    “This fact is, of course, no fault of GQ.”

    I call BS. GQ doesn’t teach men to dress well. It teaches men to follow trends when the majority of them are incapable of mastering the basics.

  • Ken

    I don’t get it? I think a lot of these ppl you featured are really creative and unique. *smh* I love when ppl think outside the box…true artists.

  • ChrisTits


  • Ces1ne?

    Those were the best descriptions I have ever read on this site, this was too on point.
    On another note, I now follow the leprechaun-looking dude in slide #20, @MarvPay