Wrapping Christmas Presents At Nick Wooster’s Apartment: A Holiday Tale

Nick Wooster needs absolutely no explanation on these digital pages. We’ve all seen roughly 7.5 billion images of the man striding down streets, shrouded in a cloud of cigarette smoke, flanked by two other dudes you see a lot, but aren’t as cool as Woost God. Full disclosure: I actually have met Nick before this and he’s one of the nicest, most congenial dudes I’ve met in this industry. THAT RIGHT THERE WAS A POWER BRAG, MOTHERFUCKERS. When you meet members of the Illuminati, you always post a photo of them on Tumblr with the caption: "Ran into this guy today. Couldn’t be nicer or more humble." If you don’t say they’re humble on the Internet the Illuminati will never begrudgingly get introduced to you on a street in New York City outside some presentation they only attended as a "favor to the publicist" again. Anyway, the holidays are fast approaching and Nick invited me over to his spot on Christopher Street to finish wrapping up some last minute presents. Do join us…

11 Responses to “Wrapping Christmas Presents At Nick Wooster’s Apartment: A Holiday Tale”

  1. Martha Schtewart

    Respect that his place isn’t entirely over the top vintage with a thousand tchotchkes…It’s got some clean lines and sophistication. The RRL living space idea is played.
    Gray walls are a nice touch. That shit always looks rich.
    The super high book stack is cool too.
    Wrapping gifts well is an art. Always use the same paper or go with a theme.

  2. Tommy Dennis

    1. I’m happy South Africa (my nation) is weirdly part of Nick Wooster’s life.
    2. I’m disappointed at his apartment, it’s not terrible or anything, just not that cool

  3. Ward Bennett

    It’s always a little surprising to learn that these menswear blogger deities’ apartments just aren’t that cool. Frank Muytjens’s apartment (in The Edge, for Christ’s sake) is sort of the same way: not tacky or anything, just kind of boring. Nice couch aside, this place looks hella cold, and the media console on casters makes me cringe. Also, that “Century” book has been in every DWR catalog since 1995.

  4. P

    Do you use the word “Jawn” because you have spent time in Philadelphia? Or are you just regurgitating some shit you saw some other blogger turd write on the net?

  5. Doo-Doo-Butter

    Are you guys trying to troll menswear/clothing/fashion? It’s almost like your trying to be funny about stuff you like, but need to make funny comments about it, because your sort of scared to say how you really feel. Just cover up your insecurities with this new jacket from…..but first here is a stale joke about vagina saliva.


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