WTF Is Portuguese Flannel?

Everybody needs a good flannel. How else are you be like all those rappers that brag about hooking up with hipster girls to, while wearing their flannels wrapped around their waists like they were Kurt Cobain doing an unplugged set? If you haven’t already, you need to get that one flannel that stands apart from all those simp plaids. Evidently this is a "Portuguese" flannel and, no, I don’t know what that means either. Whenever I hear Portuguese I just think about the age of exploration and like Henry the Explorer and shit. So I guess my 4th grade teacher did a pretty good fucking job, huh? Owen Elementary, where stars are born. Snatch this up with no regard like the Europeans did North American land.

  • MaG

    easy. Portugese flannel means you can floss like you got Mr. Chow’s type-bread, but you’re on a Ramen budget i.e. – any rapper out who still uses Myspace as their main page. i feel like, if you put the shirt on, it attaches to your skin like the Venom costume, sans being able to do fly sh*t like shoot webs out of your hands. sidenote: i’d kill to be Venom.

  • Tiago

    I’m portuguese and I have no idea what Portuguese Flannel is. Clearly a market campaign trying to make it classy and unique. Still cool though.

  • MelanieL

    The world’s finest yarn-dyed cotton flannel has been manufactured in the hill towns of northern Portugal for over a century. For generations, the Portuguese have created a more luxurious, uniform fabric from a longer, more costly staple cotton. An involved brushing process gives this flannel its characteristic softness.

  • Miguel

    Portuguese flannel is created by master craftsmen in northern Portugal who expertly brush the fabric to unparalleled softness and warmth.
    Decades of weaving experience result in a perfect nap which looks great even after many washes.
    Portuguese flannel fabrics are sought after by the leading brands in the world due to the quality and performance.
    Tiago, if you´re Portuguese you may know flannel is not used that much here. Maybe that´s why you never heard about the P.F. Ask Carhartt or Gitman Bros. or Gant or Paul Smith or Burberrys or Benetton about the Portuguese Flannel. They know if that is a marketing concept or something else.