Yoko Ono Tries To Break Up Menswear

Soooooo, this is actually, like, "art" or something, isn’t it? No fucking way Yoko Ono thinks she can break up The Beatles AND ruin menswear. Yeah, yeah, one person can’t ruin something and this probably isn’t even the worst thing to ever come out of a designer’s cranium, but still, this stuff fucking sucks. Even if it is art, can’t we say it’s bad art? Like, what’s the message? Is highlighting nips and dicks a statement on how women’s fashion do the same to them? Is this just a really poorly executed indictment of gender division and sexual politics in fashion? WHOA GROUNDBREAKING CONCEPT, YOKO. IT AIN’T 1965 ANYMORE. HAVE YOU HEARD OF PUSSY RIOT? NOW THAT SHIT MAKES A STATEMENT. THIS MAKES ME WANT TO TAKE A RUNNING START AND SUPER PUNCH OPENING CEREMONY IN THEIR SMUG STUPID FUCKING FACE. That time you and John snuggled up for peace was cool. But you know what was cooler? FUCKING REVOLVER. It’s okay to let your spouse be the talented and artistic one. George Harrison’s wives would never do something like this. NEVER. See this garment abortion for yourself above.

  • http://www.mrmag.bandcamp.com MaG

    that’s cold, man. i mean, this is an abomination to my eyes for sure, but Yoko got talent. she’s just mad weird. like, hide your penis after dark weird.

  • http://www.mrmag.bandcamp.com MaG

    and i just peeped the pants with the holes in the legs…ain’t nobody’s balls THAT low Jon LOL. they’d have to be f*ckin Mr. Smithers for their nut sac to creep through.

  • http://www.zoolander.com zoolander

    Derelicte by mugatu

  • carpetbagger

    Dont criticize what you cant understand. SIKE this shit blows stay in ya lane bish

  • parisgeek

    you’ll probably get beat up wearing these to school!

  • Stefan

    Don’t you get it? She’s poking fun at you for taking an artificial cultural construct like clothing so seriously.

    • AC

      The “don’t you get it” defense is pure BULLSHIT. The audience doesn’t have to “get it” (we aren’t the one making the endeavor, the artist is). it’s the artists responsibility to communicate her intentions. the failure to do that is hers. so yoko made a joke. this has value because…..?

  • Martin

    I agree, there is no content to the stuff that I have seen from Yoko recently. I visited her exhibition in Serpentine Gallery Hyde Park. That was very empty as well. This has nothing to do with liking or not liking the esthetics but there is just nothing to it. Not provocative, no thought, just stuff and then you call that ‘art’. She can do stuff because she is famous, that’s it. Famous because she is famous.