Yoox As A Metaphor For Life

Whenever I’m struggle shopping on Yoox, I trick myself into thinking that I could pull off some ridiculous designer gear that shows up on there, like, three seasons later or whatever. Inevitably I click the box next to Yohji Yamamoto’s name and what shows up are crazy Pilgrim hats and insano pants and various other shit like that. But then I go on LN-CC and I see these wildly fly tunics and think if there was ever ONE thing I would actually buy from Yamamoto, that’d be it. OF COURSE IT’S NOT 700% OFF LIKE ON YOOX THOUGH. Yoox is like a metaphor for life. Nothing cool is ever on sale. Ever.


    But it’ll be 80% off on ln-cc at the end of the season lol, silly four pins

    • JR

      tbh 80% off at ln-cc is probably still pretty cray prices. The Raf archive stuff recently was insane – like 4k for the parachute bomber, really?