You’re Probably Too Chunky For Thom Browne’s Aesthetic

Yo these Thom Browne sweatpants are like, THE sweatpants you need to buy. Why? Because of the stripes. Do you guys know your size in Thom Browne? He doesn’t used regular measurements like 32 or 34, or even small or medium, but just straight 0-5. Let me take care of your uncertainty- YOU ARE A 5. And if we’re being completely honest, you shouldn’t buy any Thom Browne gear. You’re probably a little too chunky for Thom’s aesthetic. It’s okay, just pronounce the ‘h’ in his name to get even.


6 Responses to “You’re Probably Too Chunky For Thom Browne’s Aesthetic”

  1. Sean Pressley

    I’m not wearin anything designed by a grown man who sleeps in a twin bed….f#ck that

  2. Austin

    Dear Thom,

    Sew some damn pockets on these please!

    Concerned Citizen


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