Zara Man Is Now Knocking Off Your High-Fashion Favorites

While Zara Woman has long been killing it in terms of providing women with affordable designer looks (aka knocking off anything and everything at neck-snapping pace), Zara Man was always seemingly stuck in a eurotrash, gimmicky aesthetic. That is until now because their designers woke the fuck up and realized that high-end men's fashion is moving towards an equally as trend-centric center (for some people, at least). As a result, the label has begun to make a plethora of pieces "inspired" by your favorite high-end labels, such as Alexander Wang, Balmain, Givenchy, En Noir and even Cole Haan. For dudes anxious to grab some scorching hot wears without the scratch, your savior is finally here. For everyone else this is pretty inconsequential, that is, of course, unless you work for a men's label, in which case you're probably calling your lawyers as we speak.

  • come on man

    *your savior

  • John Melgar

    they did the most shameless rip off of Thom Browne last year.

  • averagemanfitnessandstyle

    Streetwear kids gunna jump all over this.

  • Dantana

    Cole Haan and Valentino must be sick.

  • tony

    en noir? don’t really think they give a fuck who they are

  • IJ

    Ok, now streetwear companies can move on to the next trend!

  • Alex D

    When do all this stuff drop?

  • Julie Zerbo

    Good work, 4 Pins! –

  • fuck

    zara man has also be doing this for years.. i remember low top lanvin knock offs in 09 which i almost bought, they didnt look too bad

  • Omar Charles

    This shit has become so ubiquitous it’s scary