The Zipper That Destroyed The Timberland 6″

These Stussy x Timberland 6" boots were a zipper away from taking the best boot of all time (yes, this is a fact) and making it even cooler. Why did the Mark McNairy Timberlands work so well? Because Mark is a smart person and didn't fuck with what made the boot great: namely, its classic, rugged construction. Rather, he simply presented the shoe in two great, never before seen colorways. Why, Stussy, why? Seriously, whose idea was it to add the zipper? SHOW YOURSELF, YOU FUCKING COWARD. These are Timbs, not fashion sneakers. Zippers need not apply ever. SMH 4 infinity k thx bye.

  • voice of reason

    I think because the zipper adds functionality. Have you ever unlaced and laced a boot before like this? It is fucking annoying! Being able to lace them once and then never again (with the help of the zipper) makes these shoes fucking great.

    • Lawrence

      I guess it all depends on how lazy you happen to be.

    • my nigga

      Honestly, who laces their timbs up?

      • Angelo


    • guest

      I think it’s less about functionality or even aesthetics, and more about the fact that adding a zipper messes with the integrity of the Timb’s design as a classic workboot. It’s an outright acknowledgement that this boot is no longer worn for work, and instead, worn for style.

      That being said, I get his point, but I still think these look great

  • WAVY

    Don’t crucify me but for the man who has everything… I kinda fux with dem

  • thatNYhustler


    • Trisan

      Shut up.

  • Tony

    with jeans/chinos is the zipper even a big deal?

  • vanitas

    Yet you probably creamed yourself over the Mastermind x Timberlands just because they were japanese

    • Z_A_R

      Preach, Vanitas!
      ”These are Timbs, not fashion sneakers”

      Really, how many people do you know, buys Timbs because its durable and utilitarian? Ma guy, just so you know, if it fits or wearable, its fashion. Just don’t get caught on the wrong side since you deem yourselves at Four Pins to be omniscient.

  • Fuck McNairy

    So sick of the McNairy dick riding.
    That bald midget is so overrated.
    Nothing he’s done is that amazing or actually original, yet he has the gall to do a parody of those Pyrex flannels.

  • pohyo

    fuck the zipper imagine a pair of docs with zipper. if your to lazy to tie your shoe u might wanna consider wearing velcro sneakers for the rest of ur life