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For The One Fancy Rooftop Party You Get Invited To

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Fri, 05.22.15 at 11:50am

This Sacai coat is perfect for the one actually fancy rooftop party you get invited to. I’ve actually only been invited a single time to a dope rooftop party in NYC. I’m not counting your shitty roofs in Brooklyn or whatever. ...


Shorts That Save You The Hassle Of Wearing Two Pairs Of Shorts

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Fri, 05.22.15 at 11:41am

I found some of my favorite shorts of the season in these Uniform Experiment Fake Layered Hem Drawcord Easy Short Pants. That is the official name given to these dope shorts that save you the actual hassle of wearing two ...


No. 2 With Mac Sauce, Just Like Nicki Suggested

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Fri, 05.22.15 at 11:35am

I really like this shirt from Carhartt. Probably because of the lower pockets. The bottle green color is also a nice touch. Wear this buttoned in a weird way, slightly unbuttoned or even buttoned all the way up. That’s the ...


The Gigi Fall/Winter 2015 Belongs On Your Tumblr

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Fri, 05.22.15 at 11:11am

The Gigi and the boys over in Italy have blessed us with a look at their F/W gear, which is sure to keep you satiated. It’s in black and white because you can’t handle the full truth. If it were ...


Sunnei Fall/Winter 2015 Is Balanced

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Fri, 05.22.15 at 10:48am

We brought you the first taste of Sunnei a few weeks ago and showed you the S/S collection. Now here’s the F/W 15 gear. It really reminds me of an Italian version of Our Legacy, which is some high praise. ...

kanye LVV

Marc Jacobs Sheds Light On The Kanye x Louis Vuitton Collaboration

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Fri, 05.22.15 at 10:15am

Before there were the Air Yeezys, there was Kanye’s collaboration with then Marc Jacobs-led Louis Vuitton. The high-fashion Jaspers, Dons and Mr. Hudsons released in 2009, but how did the partnership actually come about? Elle interviewed Marc Jacobs on the occasion ...


The Struggle Embodied By Your Sneaker Choices

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Fri, 05.22.15 at 10:00am

These are some of the more geriatric Nikes you can get right now, which is probably why I like them. The cool thing about the Complex office environment is that no one really talks to you. So I never worry ...


Books That You’ll Never Read On Designers You’ll Never Pay Full Price For

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 5:05pm

A book like this one will really set off your at home workspace. If you guys are anybody, you have even the tiniest nook in your apartment that you’ve designated a “workspace.” It consists of a desk with a bunch of struggle ...


Designer Clothes Aren’t Any Better For The Environment

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 4:42pm

One of the bigger strikes against fast fashion companies, aside from the terrible labor conditions and low quality of the items, is that they’re destroying the environment. A big aspect of designer clothing for some people is that because of ...


Getting High In A College Classmate’s Land Rover

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 4:16pm

This is a Polo shirt that you could probably get at your struggle mall. But you should buy it from Oi Polloi because they’ll probably fold it up nicely and wrap it in some nice paper. Plus, everyone in your ...