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fashion names

Watching People Butcher Fashion Designer Names Never Gets Old

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 4:47pm

It’s a timeless story: Many normal folks will never be able to actually pronounce a fashion designer’s name correctly. This will always be a thing and we’re thankful for that because it means that we’ll be able to come back ...

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Trés Bien Fall/Winter 2015 Is Reliable Stoicism

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 3:59pm

The gawds at Trés Bien dropped the top on its F/W 15 collection today and whipped up quite the Scandinavian lookbook, showing the reliable stoicism that the brand is known for. Just jackets for days, the fluffy Patagucci-inspired fleece standing ...


KITH Adds New And Improved Classics To The Rotation With Its “Pinnacle Program”

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 3:36pm

The sheer amount of KITH bags you’ll see in SoHo on any given day is a testament to the cult following that the shop has fostered and why Ronnie Fieg is richer than all of us combined. In those bags ...


We Could Talk About These Adidas Hamburgs For, Like, 5 Hours Straight On QVC

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 3:00pm

GODDAMN GODDAMN GODDAMN, these Adidas Hamburgs (in grey and olive) have felt uppers with gum soles and are only $95. You guys, that’s such a good fucking deal I could go on QVC and talk about it for, like, 5 ...

lagerfeld DNA testing

Karl Lagerfeld Is So Productive Somebody Asked Him To Do DNA Testing

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 2:22pm

Karl Lagerfeld presented his latest S/S 16 collection for Chanel in a mocked-up airport terminal because there is really no one in this world that is on his level. While the set was fucking enormous and downright incredible, I still ...


An Acne Sweater So Good You Might Just Punch Somebody In The Face

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 1:54pm

Acne straight crushes knits, especially their elongated Shetland wool “Jan” sweater, which is a favorite of mine, having already graced these hallowed pages. Incidentally, my best friend’s brother is named Jan and one time I was like, “Did the kids ...

camo blazer dye

Dude Provides Amazing Guide To Dyeing A Garbage Piece Of Clothing You Don’t Actually Like

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 1:19pm

I think we’ve all purchased something online while under the influence of both legal and illegal substances at some point. Possibly liquid courage can get you to convince yourself to buy something you’d never actually wear sober and it will ...


Yohji Yamamoto Wants His Brand To Die With Him

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 12:48pm

On the occasion of Yohji Yamamoto presenting his S/S 16 womenswear collection, i-D caught up with the man himself to talk some shop. Yohji waxes on how fast fashion has ruined everything since he got into the game a long ...


Celebrate Overcoat Season With Our Legacy

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 12:38pm

Overcoat season is almost upon us. I want to stress the almost part of that last sentence. Don’t be out here in 57 degree weather wearing a wool overcoat. That is downright bananas and gives the rest of us a ...


Just Because This Cav Empt Pullover Makes Zero Sense Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Dope

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 12:01pm

Fuck man, Cav Empt makes some of the best pullovers in the game and this one might be the best of the bunch. That big ass kangaroo pocket, snorkel hood with the high collar, side seam pockets and the crazy, ...