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Blending Into The Background To No Avail

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Thu, 07.02.15 at 2:59pm

I always forget Y-3 makes clothing because I spend most days wondering if I’ll ever get some Qasas. Last time I was at the Complex office, Skylar and Lawrence were like, “Ayy, they still have the garbage olive drab colorway. ...


Sashiko Aloha

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Thu, 07.02.15 at 2:23pm

Check out this Kapital Sashiko Aloha shirt. I would wear this on vacation for sure. I don’t know about you guys, but when I envision myself on a vacation, it’s always in a tropical location and I have a near ...


Venting Anxiety And Self-Loathing

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Thu, 07.02.15 at 1:36pm

The other day I was wearing a basketball jersey underneath an oxford and I was like, “This isn’t bad, but you know what would be dope…” and before I could finish that thought I realized that Uniform Experiment made a ...


Facing The Banality Of The Universe Without Distraction

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Thu, 07.02.15 at 12:57pm

These EG Workaday tees have a split hem, extended tail and a nice little collar detail. They’re also made in Canada. I’ve pretty much just written everything I could about a $65 T-shirt. Oh, right, fuck, it has a chest ...

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Adidas x Wings + Horns Is Only Just The Beginning

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Thu, 07.02.15 at 12:23pm

Wings + Horns teased this shit real quick and then immediately dropped their collaborative collection with Adidas on us. That’s just how fast fashion moves nowadays, not that I’m complaining or anything because this shit is flames. Listen, we don’t ...


Outerwear That Pulls Its Own Weight

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Thu, 07.02.15 at 12:06pm

This 1205 bomber is very nice. I want to treat it with upstanding levels of respect and gratitude for all it would do for me through the hard times. It’s simple, understanding and sturdy with an oversized fit because it ...

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Add Intrigue To Any Flight

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Thu, 07.02.15 at 11:29am

For whatever reason, I’ve been really into reading about hackers and cyber security issues and all that crazy shit. I’m learning about DDOS attacks and rootkits and kernels and low side and high side air gapped machines and this stuff ...


3Sixteen x Viberg Is Goddamn Sexy

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Thu, 07.02.15 at 11:13am

Do you own a solid pair of boots? If you don’t, then you probably should, solely out of necessity. You never know when one of your friends will ask you to help them move in exchange for a sixer and ...

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ts(s) Fall/Winter 2015 Is Worth 50% Of Your Grade

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Thu, 07.02.15 at 10:30am

ts(s) sometimes makes sort of old school gear that looks like it could have been ripped from an old Sherlock Holmes story or something. Other times, it’s just very down home, honest to goodness solid clothing aimed at people who ...


Wait, So Why Are Women Walking In Menswear Shows?

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Thu, 07.02.15 at 10:11am

As I scrolled through all of the recent menswear collections from London, Milan and Paris, I wondered why so many designers dropped women into their runway shows that were obviously showcasing menswear collections. Not like anyone is necessarily complaining about ...