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The Combined Outfit-Lifestyle Flex Bomb

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Wed, 05.27.15 at 4:45pm

These are a pair of Adidas that Kanye hasn’t been wearing at all. They are fairly plain and simple—maybe even a little ugly. But I like them. I think it’s because when I went to London with my family in ...


Mickey Drexler On What’s Next For J.Crew

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Wed, 05.27.15 at 4:12pm

In the shopping world, Mickey Drexler is a legend. His pedigree is impressive, with stints at Gap, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and J.Crew. Next week, he’s receiving the CFDA Founder’s Award recognizing the body of his work so Style Dot Com caught up ...


Amateur Hibachi Chef

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Wed, 05.27.15 at 3:49pm

Union LA just got an ill new drop of gear from Sasquatchfabrix and this piece is definitely my favorite because it reminds me of what a chef at Benihana might wear. It’s got those sick toggle loops in the front ...

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75 Weddings, Three Graduation Parties And One Funeral

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Wed, 05.27.15 at 3:05pm

It is an inevitability that you will be attending at least 75 weddings, three graduation parties and probably one or two funerals this summer. That’s just how summers go. You’ll need a tie and why not have an indigo sashiko ...

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The Brief History Of The Personal Style Blog

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Wed, 05.27.15 at 2:20pm

Wow, Racked really wilded out with this one. It probably took the crew over there a million years to write this because they dove right in and graced us with the complete history of the personal style blog. Does anyone ...


We Promise That We Will Never Stop Going In On Cardigans

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Wed, 05.27.15 at 1:54pm

I promised you that I would never stop going in on cardigans. This denim one from Anachronorm is great. But you have to promise me that you’ll wear it all the time. That’s the real strength of a good cardigan. It’s ...


Summertime Pants™

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Wed, 05.27.15 at 1:20pm

Oh boy, I just found my new favorite summertime pants™. You gotta get baggy joggers. All you weirdos getting skinny joggers are missing the point of leisure wear. You get these Lemaire jogging trousers and wear them a little sagged ...


Don’t Say We Never Did Anything For You

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Wed, 05.27.15 at 12:43pm

I hope at least a few of you can relate to this: slip-on sneakers make it look like you have duck feet. Finding the pair that makes you look the least duck-like is a challenge in and of itself. But I ...


How Patagonia Blew Up Without Even Trying

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Wed, 05.27.15 at 12:11pm

What’s old is new again, as they say. There has been no better example of this than Patagonia’s rise to the forefront of the fashion set. We’ve covered the fact that the brand has become cool again but The New Yorker dove a bit ...


“Timeless” Fashion Is A Sham, But We Still Buy It

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Wed, 05.27.15 at 11:24am

The Independent wrote up a quick bit on the idea of “timeless” fashion and the core argument is essentially that it’s a fucking sham. More and more, we’re attracted to this idea of something that will “never go out of ...