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Authorities Bust Drone About To Drop Contraband Into Maryland Prison

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Tue, 08.25.15 at 4:26pm

We are admitted fans of drones here at Four Pins, which is why this story MUST NOT GO UNNOTICED. In Maryland, authorities uncovered a plot revolving around contraband being dropped into a state-run maximum security correctional facility via drone. Police...


You Can Now Cop Larose Paris x Green Fingers

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Tue, 08.25.15 at 11:03am

Larose Paris’ fire collaboration with Green Fingers is now for sale at Gentry and you guys should check it out because they threw a very fun and congenial party during NYFW:Men’s in which the Four Pins brain trust tried to...


Aug 21st


Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

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Fri, 08.21.15 at 5:16pm

Damn, I really like this Sophnet towel even if it is $57, which is pretty fucking expensive for a towel. Thank god the asshole of seasons, summer, is finally winding down so I don’t feel that tempted to purchase a...

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pintrill lead

Pintrill Drops A High-Fashion Footwear Collection

Written by
Fri, 08.21.15 at 12:57pm

Pins made a comeback a while back and they’re still pretty cool when done right. That’s really the crux of this whole thing. Throw them on a denim jacket or somehow pierce the thick animal hide of your leather rider....

polo smart shirt

Ralph Lauren’s Newest $295 Shirt Is Not What You Think

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Thu, 08.20.15 at 1:55pm

Ralph Lauren is no stranger to charging $300+ for a shirt. But this new one is a little bit different. With the U.S. Open tennis tournament around the corner, Ralph Lauren is bringing its “smart shirt” to market. The shirt...


Kinda Lazy And Generally Noncommittal

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Thu, 08.20.15 at 1:27pm

FairEnds cut up some fabric developed and designed by textile guru Lauren Tremaine, who also just so happens to be the gawd Josh Peskowitz’s wife, and made them into some straight heater caps. The fabric was originally intended for upholstery...


Expand Your Necklace Game

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Thu, 08.20.15 at 11:54am

I’m down with beaded necklaces, I really am. But you guys gotta expand your necklace game from just turquoise. Yes, I realize assuming you guys own any necklaces, beaded or not, is a fairly big assumption, but I don’t really...

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Not Allowed To Have A Credit Card

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Wed, 08.19.15 at 4:05pm

I’m sorry, but Head Porter’s 3 Way bag is the best bag in the whole fucking world. That’s a BOLD statement that I will inevitably have to walk back, but not now, not in this post. Instead, I’m gonna be...


All Aboard The Big Ass Hat Train

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Tue, 08.18.15 at 1:27pm

Guys, I’m all aboard the big ass hat train for this fall and winter. Why? Because Future’s been wearing big ass hats and he looks so fucking cool. Now, I realize that we’re just normal men and Future is fucking...


The Child You Not So Secretly Love More

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Mon, 08.17.15 at 3:31pm

Not only do these reversible Norse Projects bucket hats (available in navy and green) have two different colors, but also two different fabrics: cotton and wool, assuming you guys don’t feel like reading the product copy. You guys ever notice...