20 Ways To Completely Lose Your Mind In Your 20’s

For most people, your 20’s are a turbulent time. During this period, a person will truly discover who he is (probably a shithead) and start to explore his dreams (before he has kids and his life is ruined). There is often a great deal of change occurring for people this age, and, for some people, change means stress, anxiety and psychological dysfunction.

Not me though. My mind is a temple. It’s like an arrow perfectly gliding through the air to its destination, unharmed by any external stimuli. Wait, why are all these arrows shaped like dicks? Ahh! Get out of my head! You can’t control my thoughts!

Matt Rimer is a writer living in Boston. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • Wharrell Pilliams

    this is stupid. next please.

  • Jonnydiscoballs

    The worst thing there has ever been on Da Pinz. Ever.

  • These are all stupid but number 20 really shines a small light on your smaller intelligence. wooh.

    • No! i’mSpartacus’ Pappy ; )

  • Drew

    Bad attempt at BuzzFeed-type humor. Read 2 lines. Not IOS friendly. Da fuq.

    Prologue paragraph made it seem promising tho.