Take A Tour Of Kanye West’s Manhattan Loft

Have you guys ever seen Lord Yeezus and thought to yourselves, “I wonder where Kanye poops?” WELL, NOW YOU KNOW. Actually, maybe you still don’t know because I’m not sure if there’s actually a toilet in Kanye’s Manhattan loft. I mean, they never show the bathrooms in these architectural tours, which is totally bunk because the one humanizing thing about towering cultural figures is that they have bowel movements too. STARS ARE JUST LIKE US! But let's be honest, this Manhattan loft is pretty fucking amazing. I know for a fact that one day soon I shall be invited over to and this is how I imagine it will go.

  • El Macho

    The Flinstones residence upgraded in 2013

  • Power Moves

    Ok this was actually hilarious to read



  • PAIN

    Lost it at Thom Browne’s asexual cot

  • Fred Kirby


  • huiche7


  • DTM

    LMAO —” I ask him if he thinks the onesie I brought is cute and he informs me that a Donda intern has already returned it for store credit.”

  • Heisenberg

    Article from 2007 thats wazzup

    • Prince Akeem

      North didnt exist in 2007

  • HAHA

    LMAO this was pretty damn funny.

  • Santiago

    so funny but how much of it is even real?

    also I didnt even know what persimmons were untill i had to google them for this article. Is it some kind of exclusive fruit only rich people eat that cost $5 a piece?

  • The Thing

    Yeah but how many The Things were killed just to make this apartment for some rich person I dont care if its cool it just is not humane and should not be thought of as a good thing plus there is not even a couch http://bit.ly/1dmUyx1

    • Kendall Walls

      I didn’t get that till I saw the pic but then I fell out my chair xD

  • Mark

    Jon, this was actually pretty funny.

  • J

    Funny article. The loft is not Kardashian/Jenner friendly. There is no room for Scott or North.

  • gbaby

    Four Pins, you fuckers are on point. This is great.

  • Evan Gravelle

    That was beautiful.

  • Nef


  • Brodie Gron

    This is the funniest thing on the internet