Hip-Hop Horoscopes

Do you feel lost? Has life got you scratching your domepiece? Has real love escaped you lately? Fear not because there are answers to these questions and more.

The celestial cosmos of space and rhyme will reveal to you the many answers to life's toughest quandaries and predicaments. See, yours truly has teamed up with today's biggest hip-hop stars to kick that astral knowledge one time for your mind. Join me and a few famous friends as we pop a star chart and tilt our crystal headbands to the side like a real goon should, as we reveal what the future has in store.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

3 Responses to “Hip-Hop Horoscopes”

  1. Sir

    “Sagittarius. No one is on your level this month.” no one is on my level any month.

  2. KCKing

    I like Skip’s articles but sometimes he peppers them with so much hip-hop slang, I can’t understand what in the fuck he is saying. His Guide to Sexting is helping me crush pussy doe.


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