20-Year-Old Chicagoan Murdered While Trying To Purchase Air Yeezy’s

Sad news out of Chicago surfaced over the weekend when it was learned that 20-year-old Jose Mendoza (pictured above) was murdered outside of the barbershop he worked during a robbery gone wrong. Apparently, Mendoza planned to meet a seller of Air Yeezy's with a purchasing price set at $1,800. Instead, he was met by three assailants who attempted to steal his money and, in the process, shot Mendoza when he resisted. According to The Chicago Tribune, the three suspects, known to be Eddie Garcia, Salvador Alvarado and Jonathan Ivory, are now in custody.

While it seems those who committed this heinous act will see their day in court and be brought to justice, this is merely another episode in the epidemic that is sneaker violence. Whether it's fights breaking out in line on Jordan release day or someone murdered in cold blood during an aftermarket deal, it's hard to say whether these acts are indicative of our lack of compassion for one another or the result of sneaker brands' (like Nike) perhaps too successful hype and scarcity tactics. After all, the only reason anyone would kill another human being or inflict any harm upon them at all for a pair of sneakers is when the value of said sneaker outweighs the value of not being a terrible piece of shit.

Is the solution to this problem the online raffles brands have been utilizing recently? While on the surface it seems they may help reduce on site, release day violence, it does little to nothing for those buying and selling "valuable" sneakers after the fact. Rather, the only logical solution would be for brands to simply release more of the sneakers people want. At the same time, as consumers, would we even want the latest J's if we knew everyone could also get a pair? Are we that fucked up?

Certainly, it's impossible to assume that an end to all violence, especially in "Chiraq", is feasible in the immediate future, but why can't brands produce sneakers for everyone who happens to covet a pair? Instead of manufacturing a finite amount of kicks, why not just see how many people actually buy them and release pairs on a made-to-order basis? This would not only eliminate the irrational craze and thirst that surrounds certain releases, but severely decrease the power of the secondary market. Whatever the solution may be, something obviously needs to be done so that what happened to Jose Mendoza doesn't happen to anyone else ever again.

  • ^666*

    His death has nothing to do with sneakers and everything to do with money

    • http://www.anorexicescapades.com/ BougieHippie

      I completely agree!


      • fosterakahunter

        Fam, real male models, even the most effeminate, will not walk the runway in the manner that you showcase in your stills. They’d never be hired.

  • qrct1

    so many kanye puns

  • fff

    Limited releases are the heart and sole(see what i did there) of the sneaker game. If you dont like it get the fuck out or dont try to get shoes off craigslist here in Chicago or youre gonna have a bad time. If you slept and want some shoes cop em on ebay or FC.

    • reckoning

      The fuck kind of world do we live in where someone is making excuses like this over someone’s untimely murder? The sneaker game? What the fuck, how old are you? They are shoes, made in foreign countries, marketed to dipshits in limited numbers to make them feel ‘special’ and part of something (of which they are not). You think buying a pair of sneakers buys your authenticity? I would hate to be a person so consumed by products where I forget about basic human emotions such as empathy.
      I cannot believe so many people would rather have their precious sneakers in limited numbers and keep fueling violence, than have them more readily available and more people above the ground.
      So many blind sheep. Nike has to tell you you’re cool because you cannot come to conclusion on your own.

      • fosterakahunter

        I believe that the message that may have been missed in the comment is to be smart when making these sort of purchases. DO NOT use craigslist for this sort of transaction, where a meet and exchange is certainly necessary.

  • jayremedy

    This isn’t sneaker violence, it’s just violence. If Mendoza had the Yeezy’s and got shot while selling them, then it’d be sneaker violence. The three murdering pieces of shit pulled a scam in order to get someone with a lot of money in one place.

  • thatoneguy

    People don’t realize that it only costs about $20 to make their $2000 dollar shoes. You can’t really blame Nike for pulling the trigger tho. This was a matter of money.

  • domo

    Alleged suspects is a redundancy

  • Angelo

    The fuck is with buying Nikes for 1800 coins anyway?! fuck me, yeezys are heinously ugly and most likely made with the impeccably low standards that Nike has set for themselves… No one should die over a pair of Nikes, unless your The fucking Game.

  • martytomas

    I’m with you, Jake.

  • Eponymous_Jones

    “the epidemic that is sneaker violence” somebody give this guy a pulitzer

  • connor

    i think they should’t limit releases. this would separate those who loved, say, jordans from those who pretend. And maybe start releases by doing a window to preorder, than nothing more, but anyone can order then, with varying lengths of time

  • Jayme C

    the biggest problem is the bot’s online. what they need to do is require a license number or ID number to get your space or spot in line. that should really cut down on a lot of this b*******. Nike should buy one of those card readers that some downtown bars here in Seattle have to make sure its legit. that way maybe one person may only get one pair shoes unless you get the id from the rest of your f****** family . but at the very least you got a paper trail..you can track a pair of sneakers to a person. but as far as a second hand market how much government intervention do we need???? we can’t impose restrictions on people wanting to sell their shoes after they buy them. they really need a fall common sense meet in places like inside the mall inside a coffee shop make sure you have a buddy (witness) next to your side. and make sure you text and talk to the person that you’re doing the transaction with but Nike really leads on this issue and they need to do something about online b******* its just not fun anymore plain and simple

    • fuckoff

      They met up with dude outside his job, he felt safe but got caught lackin. R.I.P

  • windy city joe

    To die over sneakers is sad but this precious life did not die over shoes,he died over the number one root of all evil..Money….

  • seis centavos

    let me guess: suspects had brown eyes and black hair.

  • seis centavos

    let me guess: suspects had brown eyes and black hair.

    • fuckoff

      I’m assuming you read their names and realized they were all spanish also?

  • BlackBarbie2000

    You know Satan has overtaken you when you will end another man’s priceless LIFE over a pair of factory made soon to be irrelevant pair of items you wear on your feet.
    REST IN PEACE smh ! this sick sad world we live in.
    Demonic Possession is running rampant these days

  • http://www.getarealdream.com/ myles

    Food stamps for air yeasts .
    Pardon my humor rip young homie



  • Dave s

    While it’s a shame, at least it was someone with no taste.