3.5 Reasons You Need A Supreme Raft

Look, before you get on my case about this Supreme raft, just know the only reason I'm even posting it now is because I'm literally SHOCKED it has been out for a couple weeks and not sold out. How do more people not understand why a Supreme inflatable raft is crucial to their well-being? I bet I can give you 4 reasons you need this thing. 1: Stunting on peasants is all about having really unique shit and spending money on things that don't seem practical. 2: Anything with a box logo will only appreciate in value. Come summer 2015, this shit will go on eBay for $300 no problem. 3: How dope would it be to put your cousin on a Supreme inflatable mattress next time he's in town? 4: You'll probably be jealous he gets to sleep on it even though he doesn't know or care about Supreme. Ok that last one wasn't really a tip, more like a mini truism.