The 50 Funniest Fashion Spelling Fails On Twitter

No one ever said fashion was easy, but damn, it isn't that hard either. At least not this hard. Of course, the ability to spell the names of high end clothing labels and designers correctly isn't the most important thing in the world, even if it does speak to the way America is failing its youth via a broken public education system and/or just how fucking lazy kids are nowadays. Even if someone doesn't give a fuck about fashion, Google makes basic knowledge so readily available that there's really no excuse for spelling anything wrong, ever. Sometimes shit happens, sure. I myself misspelled "Han Kjobenhavn" incorrectly last week completely by accident, but how anyone can justify spelling "Louboutin" as "Lewbutton" is unbeknownst to me. Serious discussions aside— this is just Twitter after all—we're loving these egregious and unfortunate phonetic train wrecks because they're with out a doubt some of the funniest shit ever. STAY IN SCHOOL.

  • ola

    this is cringeworthy!

    • Sir


  • Dan

    Our educational system just needs to start over again.

  • Class A Rando

    None of these people are about that life

  • huiche7

    WTF haha

  • TopBananas

    I’m sure auto correct f^cked a few of these but it’s funny to see folks brag about sh^t they own yet they can’t spell it. In this day and age Google, Wiki, and online dictionaries are a few seconds away so this is very shameful.

  • Dick Rooster

    I bet all the people who misspelled Louis Vuitton pronounce Louis like “Lewis”

  • Philip Oudshoorn

    I lost it at Ralph Simmons

  • Jerms

    How the fuck does French Montana write lyrics if he can’t even spell outfit.

  • khaled


  • Tamia

    tagging all of my selfies with #alphet from now on…

  • nate

    Ermez, hahaha

  • Genius At Play


  • Zoe

    some people are dyslexic. some are ignorant, european languages all pronounce letters or don’t pronounce them differently to english. but you’re right, the privilege of being cultured and not suffering from learning difficulties does make you wholly superior as a human. well done. besides, fashion is all about knowing the right names, and not at all about art. art doesn’t come into it, you just gotta know those names and know how to spell them. it’s more of a who’s who test of coolness, rather than anything to do with aesthetics or technique. again, bravo (that’s a commendation in french btw, get me!)

    • Nadia

      bravo is actually Italian…so…

  • Areta Gjicali

    I don’t know what’s worse the illiteracy or the people that retweeted the post…hmm..

  • Geovane M

    I lost it at marjella