99% Of Things On Planet Earth Are Better Than Boat Shoes

These quite luxurious suede Vans Authentics come in the three colors they should come in: burgundy, tan and navy. What else can I possibly say about some nicer-than-most Vans? Well, each one of these colors goes well with denim, while the navy blue versions would be too next level for this world if you rocked them with some black jeans. Let's just agree on the fact that these are roughly a billion times better than boat shoes. I mean, sure, 99% of the things on planet earth are better than boat shoes, so I guess that isn't saying much.

  • YungDipper

    the fuck is wrong with boat shoes

    • yuck


      • cozyKev

        yeah yuck. also, swagless

    • Guest

      every single white kid with parents that make more then $100,000 each live in them every day

  • Ice Murk

    The fuck you mean, son?
    boat shoes mad immaculate
    Red as fuck canvas

  • Nice.

    100% disagree. You only say that because 9 out of 10 dudes have a pair of boat shoes. Truth is there are some pretty dope boat shoes out there from brands like Sperry Top-Sider all the way up to Saint Laurent.