A.P.C. KANYE Fall/Winter 2014 Release Street Style

July 17, Mercer Street, New York.

Photography by Michael Knapp. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • wilfry

    all this dude looks at is peoples shoes smfh

    • queb

      Because their outfits are so terrible.

    • http://twitter.com/jcfrancisco Carlo

      People in line for a Kanye drop don’t really have outfits. Their white/black tees and jeans are more of a template for their sneakers

      • Adam S

        Which is why $90 tees are perfect for this collaboration–they’re like like the fancy paper you use for your resume.

  • sweglord

    the dude with the huaraches + the last slide are good n that’s it

  • WAVY

    I could picture Mook with his Lux battle outfit standing in this lineup lol

  • matt

    what jeans in 26?

    • Cameron Wolf

      balmain bikers, im pretty sure

      • GM

        @cameronwolf:disqus Ralph lauren black label biker jeans

  • rafowens

    better than supreme drops tbh

  • FyuuR

    die hypebeast scum

  • Eduardo Meneses

    Crazy the sort of Stunt-fest a new gear drop creates… it’s funny and cool to see people trying their hardest to emulate that they “Get” the brand by completely undertaking the adoption of all its pieces or certain aesthetics.

  • ButtPlugs

    Spot the fuccboi

    Also wearing a fucking hoodie during the summer

  • Motherboard from cyberchase

    Bruh…. but the whole shit is in stock online o.O

  • dontbuyweakshit

    why didn’t yall snap me, i was fresh as fuck

  • cc

    this honestly could have been a lot worse

  • Anthony

    I approximate 80% of the blokes there are involuntarily single.

    • ADMK

      not the taller version of zac efron in slide 6

  • ed

    pitti uomo for fuccbois

  • Jordan Baird

    The streetstyle photographer you use is not the best. I don’t understand how a close up shot of the stiching on a pair of pants gives an indication of a style but… you know.

  • Ifyoudontbelievewhowill

    Cool to be inspired by someones style. Never cool to be a clone. Style should be unique and more dudes should put effort into it rather mimicking others. On a side note, when are we going to get the street style of the fight that happened right in front of VFiles as these lines for Nike and apc were forming??

  • YGS

    All of the chicks and that dude in Slide 18 for best fits.

  • conhnore

    l a m e

  • Sam

    Wow, you can take pictures of people wearing name brands! Congrats!