The Craziest Fashion Designer Quotes Of All Time

Hi, hello, it’s me, here to make your Friday hilarious and uncomfortable. For those of you who don’t pal around with fashion designers, holy shit, they have no fucking filter. Ninety percent of what they say could get them laid, ruin a marriage or bring a tear to a fat little kid's eye. If a Twumblergram existed called “Overheard at Fashion Week” it’d be something the Pope would pray about. Here, now, is just some of what the Internet has to offer on the subject. Shit's straight craze. Amen.

Lead image via Purple Fashion Magazine

Rick Morrison is a writer living in North Carolina. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • Matt

    What kind of sandwiches do goth ninjas eat?

    • I feel a great punchline for this hiding somewhere in this universe.

  • Natto

    Way to misspell VOGUE in the last slide, I only felt the need to comment after looking at the worst misspelled designer tweets slideshow.

  • shii-son

    Valentino did not say that, it was Giancarlo Giametti, his partner in crime.

  • London Calling

    Abercrombie and Fitch must DIE!

  • Geovane M

    Mike Jefferies may sound like an ass but 9/10 if you’re offended by his comments its because he was talking about you. Just saying.