The Dangers Of Dancing In Jeans

i-D and Diesel teamed up to create this video that demonstrates "The A To Z Of Dance". From Ballroom to Twerk, the video shows people shaking their ass in Diesel's new Jogg jeans, which are crafted using a denim/jersey mix fabrication, making them more flexible and less likely to rip in the crotch on the dance floor. I always fucking rip my jeans in v close proximity to my danger zone because I was cursed with the thighs of Emmitt Smith in his prime, not that I would exactly be willing to wear jeggings or anything. Although, from the looks of it, these actually seem like regular jeans, just more comfortable and thus able to handle your Friday night turn up (read: rubbing up on some blonde chick from Connecticut who's gone off that vodka cran). Plus, have you ever try to hop into a cab in some raw denim? That shit can turn even the smoothest of men into flailing, uncoordinated dorks. So, if Diesel can come through with the non-Eurodouche washes for these Jogg shits, then they have a winner on their hands.

  • Kassim

    Remind me of :

    Which I think is way stronger.

    Thanks for the discovery anyway.

    • Praneeth N

      You guys should check something called bharatanatyam from India. It has existed for thousands of years….so guys nice moves, but nothing new, still keep up the good work!

  • helkgauja

    Jake can you comment on how the thumbnail for this article is a shot of the black girls twerking? exploiting black bodies for your own gains??

    • alternateopalways

      Less about exploiting black bodies and more about sex sells. This video was created to generate views for a brand and the reality is that if any post on the internet has a thumbnail of a scantily clad woman (of any color) its going to get more views.

      Don’t take issue with Jake, he’s just playing the game. Take issue with sexism in America and the world.

      • Kristina Reed

        Yet displaying women scantily clad still plays into the exploitation & objectification of women. so take issue with yourself. This is LIFE not a GAME. Women were not put here simply for a man’s enjoyment or to be thrown around like a piece of furniture. Change begins with yourself sir.

        • Joe

          Oh shut the hell up with all that feminist crap!!! There were alot of other dances n this commercial to!! Feminist urk me to no end!!…. Now shut the hell up and get in there and make me a sandwitch!!

  • hilary

    It was cool ’til the twerking. A) is that really dancing? B) The only real danger of those women “dancing” in those jeans (if you can call them that) is a massive wedgie C) Can’t we move past this fad? SO overrated. And also sexually objectifying and degrading to women. But mostly annoying.

    No disrespect to those women, it’s just in the broader picture, I think there are more positive and equally lucrative ways a woman can be sexy and desirable that do not require intimate camera time with their shaking butts. Like maybe any of the other women in this commercial.

    IN SUM: More of the legitimate dancers, less of the twerking.

    Thank you for wasting your time reading this comment.

  • Tim The Supreme VZA Lauson

    Y should’ve been the YEET

  • Brooke

    What song is this?

  • rudegirl

    please… hilary, don’t grandstand about twerking and then not even mention pole dancing. shut the fuck up about the objectification of both women… personally, as a female dancer, there in nothing MORE EMPOWERING than using what you are blessed with. i am tall, skinny and bony. so i dance the way that best represents what i am. if i had meat on my flesh you better believe i’d tweak what my mamma gave me. no man can ever do what we can do. let’s celebrate that, don’t degrade it. both twerking (in it’s most honest state, nothing to do with miley) and pole dancing are legitimate forms of movement. and coincidentally both are celebrated as empowering the female form in this video. also, look at how ballet and rumba accent the female form as do twerking, pole and jamiacan whine. unless you are are a seasoned dancer you can step OUT of this conversation. if you haven’t taken to the time to be educated on the subculture you have no voice here. stop hating and start appreciating the fine aspects of the female form. you wonder why this video get’s so many hits? it’s because people LOVE to see the female empowered in her raw, fiercest state. that is feminism.

    • slickmoves

      problem of twerk is that its actually an element from dancehall… i dont see how you can take an element, claim its a dance and then just abuse it to the bizzar…?

    • JGISD

      I can make my weinie do helicopters on national television in front of impressionable children. It’s not perverse, it’s empowering.

      People don’t tune into that crap because they “love to see the female empowered in her raw, fiercest state”, they do it because they want to get off. There’s a time and a place for perversion. There should never be anyone under the age of consent in attendance and it should never be forced on unsuspecting eyes through popular culture of advertisements.

      Same thing with erection pills. Keep that crap off my TV.

      • emdub2012

        Stop crying. It’s not going anywhere. Get used to it.

      • x97sfinest

        Okay Mr. 1892 social conventions

      • Ekwinoks

        lmao unsuspecting eyes, stfu with that prude shit bul

    • Shannon McCreery

      What I find funny about your entire statement is the empowering aspect. There is nothing empowering about twerking. The women who do this degrade themselves. Women are objectified enough, without all this twerking business. Keep those “legitimate movements” in the bedroom for your man. There is nothing classy about you shaking your ass in a sexual and provocative manner for the whole world to see. I don’t have to take dance lessons to form an opinion. My sister is a trained ballet dancer and instructor and she would never twerk or promote such a ridiculous “dance”. I have seen some pole dancing done in a manner that isn’t sexually suggestive. There is nothing wrong with being sexy. There is a big difference between sexy and raunchy. In my opinion, twerking is way over that line. Honestly, it disgusts me. No man will ever respect a woman who shakes her ass all over the place. Just ask one.

  • Tattoo Man

    how could they leave out the dancing twins, breakdancing and danshall? other than that they pretty much covered everything.

  • Jenae


    • Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior)

      White people at work again.

  • Iv

    All good except the harlem shake. Is it really that hard to distinguish an actual dance move from stupid viral video shit??? Otherwise amazing ad, Diesel :)

  • slickmoves

    the most important stuff of streedancing is missing… where the hell is lockin? where is poppin? Where s house dance? I could go on… they dance good no arguing there, but its commercial as hell – which makes sense – its a commercial after all. However any unndergournd dancer cannot say its awesome… its just commercial.

    Oh and twerk? fuck twerk.. do you know where does it belong? to dancehall… did we see ay dancehall? No. Trendy :/

    • Hiphop Dancer

      Well as an actual dancer, the A-Z is complete commercial bullshit.
      And yeah, Pacman is a popper not a “liquid dancer”. They could’ve just locking.

      But the Stand-up dance scene in America is not so great (except for Krump and Turfing) This is jut another sad representation of what it has become. It’s sad when the country of origin of these dances, America cant even compete with Europe and Asia.

      But for real I’ve been rocking 2% Elastane jeans for two years, this shit of dancing in jeans is just for all the dancers that don’t know their shit, which Diesel is capitalizing off… none the less good pants are good pants, we’ll see where it brings us.

      **I don’t agree on the twerk part. I know hyped social dances get hated on a lot these days, especially when it’s a pretty erotic dance like twerk, but if it has established a community then we cant do anything about it. Remember people hating on Dougie, Jerk, Chicken Noodle Soup, etc. In the end it either goes away or it becomes part of another dance style, in this case dancehall.

    • Ekwinoks

      they’re tryna sell jeans my nigga wtf u expect

    • Ly

      thats what the follow up video is for

  • Graham Hunter

    The East Coast Swing section was actually West Coast Swing. Lame

  • #fleecejohnson @melvingregg

    “That’s sexy to us.”

  • Gala Dance

    Dance alphabet.. Loving it!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • yup123

    That’s not Rumba

  • m

    that’s not the harlem shake

  • Hiphop Dancer


    As a dancer it kind of sucks that the United States, the country of origin of dances such as hiphop, locking, krump, popping, breaking, etc. is the one country where dance is over commercialized and has completely lost it’s roots. You could ask a popper (a lot of them call themselves dubstep dancers smh) how they feel about Skeeter Rabbit’s death and they’ll probably answer: “Who’s Skeeter Rabbit?”

    Breaking and Krump is still strong in the USA and I’m happy it is, but most other hiphop dances have become weak and incomparable to the European (New school styles: House and Hip Hop) and Asia (Funk styles: Popping and locking)

    Why do American old school dancers (Mr. Wiggles, Buddha Stretch, Caleif, Link, etc.) give workshops and judge battles in Europe and Asia? Because they know the passion and seriousness is still there and not in the States.

    People need to realize that a dictionary this weak only shows how commercial dance has become; really “Liquid dance”??? Where’s Locking? For fuck’s sake, Diesel doesn’t even try to do a little research about dance when they try to appeal to dancers. Who will they appeal to: fake ass dancers who call themselves “dubstep dancers” or people who do it for the hype. (no diss to Dragon House, they dance to dubstep but they know their history like it should)

    If you don’t know where you’re coming from, how could you know where you’re going?” – Buddha Stretch

    So no thanks Diesel for the pants but I’ve known 2% elastane jeans for years and H&M has them, Zara has them, and they cost 30$ instead of 300$.

  • Relaxalready

    Not everything calls for one’s opinion. Perhaps we can all just marvel at the beauty, talent, and joy expressed by dancing.

  • Prettygreen

    I dig the video on the whole, and the sistas twerking. What puts me off is the way the director chose to put his camera up the barely-clad butts of the twerkers. Unnecessary & disrespectful. Meanwhile, he kept the male dancers fully clothed and shot them from a distance. Sexist asshole director sullied his final product with a cheap shot.

    • Vercial

      Shut up!! You feminist put way too much into things… You don’t even know what you’re argument is.. Why would he put the camera up a males but in booty shorts?! Sit the hell down somewhere!! Now go make me a samitch’!!

  • Hannah

    C’mon! Seriously? Everyone always needs a reason to complain. People are gunna dance however they want. Those girls wanna twerk? Then let them! They’re empowering themselves by doing what THEY want to do. She can dance on a pole? Great! I cant do that. It takes way more strength that people realize.

    This is just an advertisement. Its celebrating different ways to move and be comfortable WHILE WEARING THE PRODUCT THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL. It probably has nothing to do with objectifying or empowering women.

  • Mike

    Good use of current styles, fun and creative dancers. Fun to see comments of peeps getting all worked up because of a opinion. 😉

  • LyT84

    Q- quick step

  • SmartAssDog

    Thats not the fucking Harlem shake.

  • Lfranta

    What makes ballet more legitimate than dancehall moves, twerking, etc? Nothing other white people don’t feel excluded by it.

    • Lfranta

      Also, those two girls have pretty much made twerking famous. Read: Twerk Team.

  • SentinelOptimusCunt

    They got the Nigga to do the “Chicken noodle soup”

  • Nick Savage

    Be honest, how many of you just skipped to “T”

  • bingosaidi!

    Dancing through out time caused controversy from Elvis to now don’t get all up in your kitchen about a little booty shaking!
    Twerk Twerk!!

  • tiger

    Girl’s I feel sorry for you…. Men actually reached their goal, and make you sick and paranoid, ashamed of your own body. There is nothing wrong with twerking. It is beautiful. It is natural. Your heads are full of feministic bullshit. Humans body is amazingly beautiful. There is beauty in everything, depends how you look at it. Be who you are be proud of what you were given and embrace the whole beauty of being it and enjoying it.