Drug Dealers And CEOs Never Give Discounts

SMFH, one day after the Levi's CEO bricks his whole everything, I'm telling your people about a fucking LVC popover. So much for integrity. But I guess that's just one of the perks of being, like, a drug dealer or a CEO of a company that makes dope shit. My drug dealer can be a raging moron, spouting all kinds of craziness and I'll still nod my head in agreement until he finally is done weighing my shit out. Sometimes I think if I agree with him that the car across the street is totally probably a surveillance Volvo he'll hook me up with a discount. LIFE LESSON KIDS: DRUG DEALERS AND CEOs AIN'T EVER GONNA GIVE YOU A DISCOUNT.

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  1. vj

    I need whole team to help establish a business. Scratch your heads shake your balls. Pick your nose. Talk shit like your kids are transluscent or police man is off duty. Test these grounds like there’s nothing to shock until somebody gets a paper cut on their finger. Then all of ya’ll can say and ask? What just happened? And somebody just fucken forgot to lock the door on they’re way out. Come back and wonder if it’s anything you can’t never replace ever again. Hasn’t even went lost or stolen if it was anyone or anywhere else it but. Ok.Hit me up or go back under a rock you came from. And let me know if anybody moved in while you was out looking for a job.


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