eBay’s “Science Of Fit” Is Extremely Specific And Extremely Ridiculous

Shouts to eBay's ever growing pile of educational bricks. The digital auctioneer gods are back at it with a PSA on how your clothes should fit. According to whatever survey statistics eBay is using, you will look exactly 2.3 times better than if your clothes don't fit. But wait, hold on, there's more! Your gear will look a whole $2.75 more expensive too! The fuck? Ladies, sorry, you only look 1.3 times better, but somehow your clothes will look $5.00 more expensive. Other than putting really specific numerical values on the benefits of wearing clothes that actually fit you, I don't know what the fucking revelation is here. I mean, by definition, "clothes that fit" should be all you need to hear. You should wear clothing that fits because it fits you. OBVIOUSLY, YOU'LL LOOK BETTER IF YOUR CLOTHING FUCKING FITS YOU. If you just started a #menswear blog yesterday, most definitely use these infographics to help convince guys to click on that affiliate link for the best slacks that can "transition from work to happy hour."

  • Tony

    the shots at traditional menswear blogs (,-_-,)

  • conhnore

    i hate being fashionable

  • Oppiken

    eBay needs to stop pretending they’re the next ACL or some menswear blog. Stick to selling cheap shit from China and people’s unwanted junk in the garage.

    • tokyocean

      eBay isn’t pretending to be a menswear blog, though. Relax a little and stop making a big deal out of nothing. They were just trying to conduct some sort of survey, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if they did try to be some kind of menswear blog, though, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that as well. Stop stigmatizing and labeling so much. Stop trying to put limits on others.

      • Oppiken

        Buddy, you are the one that needs to relax and think before typing. eBay sells second hand stuff and so how is this survey about fit any relevant to their business model? Or how about the other link in this article with ebay doing another stupid survey telling men what “women want them to wear”. If you had a garage sale, would I expect you to be giving me advice on how the shoulders of my suit should fit? No. So unless ebay is trying to market themselves as some clothing expert (hence my jab about menswear blogs), why the hell would you do a survey irrelevant to your business model with stupid ass claims.
        Plus do you even know what this article is about? Jon Moy is making fun of the whole goddamn thing and saying it’s ridiculous for ebay to have this survey… hence the name of the article.
        Jesus Christ. I feel like I’m being trolled here.

        • The_Internet_Troll

          Nope, wasn’t me. I was on vacation this week so it was just another guy with a point of view that he “had” to express on a blog (like you).

        • tokyocean

          Stop stigmatizing eBay. They do have brand new items on there as well. That they aren’t necessarily Revolve or SSENSE doesn’t mean they can’t conduct such a survey or write a special about fashion. Stop criticizing eBay solely due to the stigma attached to its name and start realizing it’s not as big of a deal as you think it is. No one’s being harmed. No one’s being killed. eBay’s just doing something to help out people a little, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You might as well tell Toyota to stop making cars or conducting research on automobiles because it’s nowhere near the likes of Audi, Lamborghini, and Ferrari with that hatred and negative attitude.