Exclusive First Look: Been Trill NYC Store Opening

Been Trill launched their new online Interwebz portal yesterday to much buzz and #relevance, while details surrounding the much hyped IRL retail location remained sparse. Last week, Virgil Abloh Instagrammed (and then un-Instagrammed) a photo of the store, claiming that it would open "somewhere on Canal St.". Additionally, Heron Preston, another Been Trill-er, recently told The New York Times that the store would pop up "in one of those rinky-dink souvenir malls," much like where the now infamous second-hand Supreme dealer resides. Today, thanks to the store's neighbor's Instagram, the official location was revealed to be 271 Canal Street, so we decided to get all journalistic up in this bitch and check it out for ourselves.

Above, you will find exclusive photos of what the Been Trill store looks like, as well as a first look at 3 of the T-shirts available for purchase, all of which are exclusive to the retail space. We were informed by the store that the product selection will change daily, so maybe don't expect to find these exact tees if you head over this weekend. Mike The Ruler himself was also present at the function, but declined to be photographed much to our chagrin. The short sleeved T-shirts will run you $100, while the long sleeve joints (some of which even boast felt prints) are retailing for $115.

Photos by Liz Barclay

  • Steph Jones

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  • HoodAffiliated

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  • connor

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    I’m pretty sure that Been Trill is just trolling the industry

  • j balls

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  • See C

    I’m amused, they actually have usable C code on a shirt. (Not that anyone wearing this that shit would have any idea what the fuck it means)

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