Instagram has pretty much told Facebook and Twitter to take a seat Chris Hansen style and we're not exactly mad about that. The social network is a real simple tool that fills everybody you know in on every single thing you do, wear, eat, drink and see...no with poorly composed pictures! What we didn't know about this amazing little app is that it would become the premier place to break all the hottest emerging men's fashion and lifestyle trends. Some are good, but most of them are just flat out terrible. Just kidding, all of them are THE FUCKING WORST. Here are 10 examples.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • http://www.gracegordon.com GG

    omfg skip this is hilarious

  • http://cakesandcrown.com Israel Daramola

    Skip you’re doing God’s work

    • http://www.mrmag.bandcamp.com MaG

      i’m with the homie. Jesus loves you for this. shouts to the congregation.

      • http://Ces1ne.tumblr.com/ Ces1ne?



    Hilarious!!! Spot on!

  • Max B and Shyne and John Lennon

    fuck it im rock my safari camp if i need a pick me up

  • Tjay

    I loved this until it got to the waxed denim part. I’m nowhere near interested in all that streetwear shit and I have no idea if they’re a part of it so don’t get the wrong idea, but anyways, what the hell is wrong with waxed denim?

  • Carlos fuentes

    Everything you write is pure GOLD! That Kanye part is too funny!

  • confused

    Umm how do I see the list?

    • http://www.mrmag.bandcamp.com MaG

      just go above to the pics homeboy and slide through like a pimp do. if that makes any sense you’re welcome.

      • http://Ces1ne.tumblr.com/ Ces1ne?

        “Web Browsing for the Intellectual Pimp” by MaG

  • Yuliya Garkusha

    blaming kanye’s fashion choices on his lack of friends? #WhoTheFuckAreYou

    • King Baabu

      i really dont think kanye dresses good.. if anything thanks to whoever thats dressin him

      • Yuliya Garkusha

        your entire comment is an oxymoron…

        • King Baabu

          yeah jus like ur profile pic

        • http://Ces1ne.tumblr.com/ Ces1ne?

          Life is an oxymoron………

  • Tamia

    #PleatsByDre had me dying for a solid minute… like the hashtag alone. Keep writing like this, it works so fucking well!

  • King Baabu

    id like to see this persons who made this article’ instagram or fb, since he got so much to say. he must have a AWESOME portfolio with what its right to post on social network sites

    • http://Ces1ne.tumblr.com/ Ces1ne?

      Which “harshtag” did you see your pic under b????