Here’s What The A.P.C. KANYE Hoodie And Jeans Look Like

The next chapter in our continued saga of the Kanye West x A.P.C. collaboration is here. Up until this point, we knew a few things were certain. We knew that the capsule offering would consist of jeans, a T-shirt and hoodie, as well as that Kanye West is expectedly a total pain the ass to work with, but one thing remained unknown: what the shit looked like. Well, that was until now, as Yeezus himself was allegedly spotted wearing both the hoodie and denim out in public alongside a super long T-shirt and some coked up Air Max's, thus completing the outfit we envisioned for ourselves upon first hearing about this joint effort. We're actually pretty stoked that the hoodie is short sleeved, which decreases practicality by infinity, but ups the steez factor by infinity squared because, like, fuck sleeves, breh. The A.P.C. Kanye collection will be available July 14 at A.P.C. stores and online at 10am.

Update: Apparently, the A.P.C. KANYE hoodie will retail for $275.

10 Responses to “Here’s What The A.P.C. KANYE Hoodie And Jeans Look Like”

  1. Luchini

    They both actually look pretty dope. If it wasn’t gonna cost eleventy thousand for some made in Macau bullshit I would cop.

  2. Sam

    Air Maxes are the Hyperfuse joints that dropped for July 4. New school

    • Jake Woolf

      Word, word. He wore the red pair a couple days ago too. We’ll be on the lookout for him to wear the navy joints.

  3. Andy

    That drop crotch Rocky Balboa look … we’re all going to clown this, and all of Kanye’s looks, so hard in the (hopefully very) near future.

  4. AllWhite_AllRight

    This is a sad low for APC. Over priced, impractical, and gaudy.

  5. fashionaddict

    Anyone complaining about a $120 hoodie and $250 jeans isn’t in Ye’s target demographic and should probably stick with Levis. $250 is more than reasonable for a good pair of jeans and $120 for a durable, high quality Hoodie compares with department store brands, not even high fashion.


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