Ian Connor’s Summer Style Tips

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"King Of The Youth". "Dutty". Ian Connor has quite a few names for himself. For those who perhaps have not been on Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram in the past year, Connor is a 19-year-old model/creative who has taken streetwear by storm via his personal style and outlandish social media personality. To be completely honest, even after meeting with Ian and hanging out with him for an afternoon, we still aren't entirely sure what exactly it is that he does or creates, and we're pretty sure that's the point. Ian bounces from project to project, using each as leverage for the next, whether it be styling, modeling or just existing (he also served as the print for Wil Fry's latest jersey/short set). Love him or hate him, he's created one hell of a personal brand—a following out of nothing— proving, once more, just how fucking awesome and ridiculous the Internet really is. We talked to him about his plans this summer, the perfect pair of sneakers and, most importantly, how to avoid the thirst that has claimed the lives of so many men before him.

Photography by Michael Knapp. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • lol

    lol no one cares about this ugly, wil fry put his face all over a jersey and now he thinks he’s famous. we all just like wil fry :kanyeshrug: ha

    • God


    • Yup

      That is pretty true….We all do just like Wil Fry

  • Crake

    You really need to stop posting about kids like this guy or that Brandon Sales kid. Their not creatives, they don’t have “projects coming”, they just spend to much time on the net. I mean there’s no chance there not both virgins.

    • Jake Woolf

      I think you should read my intro, where I say I’m still not sure what Ian creates. Again, love him or hate him (you I’m assuming the latter), Ian DOES have a strong social media presence and has made a name for himself out of nothing (after all, you apparently know who he is). We think that’s pretty interesting. That doesn’t mean we think he’s the most amazing thing in the world.

      • Crake

        Yeah I saw that you said you don’t know what he creates, I was trying to say I’m pretty sure he hasn’t and won’t create anything. I get that he has a strong social media presence as well but I don’t see that as any sort of value to anyone reading the site. Some might find it interesting though, that he was two phones and smokes newports. I hadn’t heard of him either some people might think he’s hella stylish.

        • Whatever

          Lies. You know what he “creates”. You circle jerk him on twitter, you tool. What makes him interesting is how he manages to stay straight with you and your crew sucking him off on the daily. Is that the WE you speak of? “We think it’s pretty interesting”. How about you dig deeper and stop with the cookie cutter shit.

      • Frankie’s nuts

        Are you making a name for yourself off of Frankie’s left nut and Ian’s (Will’s) right nut? I think that’s the most amazing thing in the world.

    • Guest

      No top…But check the pictures on his twitter….He definitely gets more pussy than you

  • jack

    we got these lames beneath me hatin on a real ass dude keep it #dutty

  • Virgil Abloh

    <3 my boyfriend <3

    • French


  • Kenny

    Feel like crap because I read this article. It didn’t improve anything about my life. I gotta do better.

  • satans circus

    http://vimeo.com/66099671 focus on kids doing actual shit bruh bruh

    • Sure

      Nah that would mean caring about something other than clothing and bitches oh yeah and drugs. Remember doing something meaningful that doesn’t involve twitter RT and followers…is. not. cool. Nice try.

  • Yeah Ok

    You guys are all hypebeast, influencer, circle jerk butt munchers. The only creative thing about this guy (or this site for that matter) is how you find new ways to troll the world (wide web) into thinking you’re the coolest thing since slice bread. No. You guys jerk each other off and bust a nut on the face of a bunch of pimple-faced, internet go-hards. I bet the writer of this thinks he’s so cool because he gets to write and hang-off the coat tails of EIKARF and this guy. I see the gay twitter convos. You’re not fooling anyone but you’re bosses who allow you to write about your status bought friends. Create? Create these nuts.

    • hmm ok

      lotta innovative social network climbers creating tweets inspired by balmain fonts

      • Dang

        Circle of Life (I mean Jerk):





        Judging by your suit avi. You’re the guy who finally got to sit at the cool table after eating lunch in the band room in high school. You’ll do anything to keep about your new found designer friends, even writing pointless articles. You know why you guys are “friends”? You’re a somewhat witty on social media and you write for a Complex blog. If they ever need you to write about their newest project, they can call on you. You’ll gaggle on their nuts and they’ll get exposure. Online and on your forehead.

        Stop acting like you don’t know or you just discovered when you’re a ball tickler. You like writing about your friends. If they’re your friends then give us more info on why we should give a fuck outside of likes and RT. You’re a writer, journalist or whatever. Challenge your readers or at the very least yourself.

        • Lawrence

          What the fuck does this have to do with Ian Connor?

          • Josh

            Nothing but I’m in tears! Ball tickler, gagging, butt muchers! These guys go in. Priceless thread I tell ya!

        • Jake Woolf

          You’re obviously a clown, but anyway, here’s some of my essays and interviews. I think they’re pretty “challenging”. Maybe you should do some research outside of Twitter if you want to actually get to know your subjects. At least that’s what I do.

          Is Supreme Still Supreme? – http://four-pins.com/style/is-supreme-still-supreme/

          Glenn O’Brien Interview On Consumer Culture – http://hypebeast.com/2012/5/glenn-obrien-a-lot-seen?_locale=en

          Eddie Huang Interview On Race & Culture – http://hypebeast.com/2013/3/eddie-huang-talks-new-baohaus-and-race-vs-culture

          Essay on why “Made in the USA” is bullshit – http://jakewoolf.tumblr.com/post/27154968667/dear-made-in-the-usa

          Style Is What You Wear When No One Is Watching – http://four-pins.com/style/style-is-what-you-wear-when-no-ones-watching/

          • dang

            So you’re saying you don’t tickle #influencer’s balls with your non-writing hand? Ok cool story. Will conduct more research on this Ian Connor fellow (and your other stories for that matter). Just remember, if you’re gonna wear a suit, dirt shows up easier on dress pants than jeans. And if you’re gonna write about your friends, keep the gagging to a minimum. Kids read this blog for goodness sakes.

          • Jeff

            #influencerballtickler #dead #trill #menswear

          • Dang has a point

            The writing above is leaps and bounds greater than this summer tips jock-a-nut fest. You’re obviously talented. Unfortunately, homie above kind of exposed your dick riding ways. Highly regarded, creditable writers are not on social media playing twitter tonsil hockey with potential subjects. It takes away from the subject and your writing and makes it seem like you’re either a favor or a fan. Have some self control and stop trying to trade wits with your favorite tastemaker. It come across as tasteless, nepotism-like and just plain corny.

          • Ruben

            I can’t believe homie pulled his tweets. That’s kind of a bogus move but on the other side there was some major cock blow & nut cupping in those tweets. Damn shame.

          • Chill b

            Hey Jake Woolf, I don’t think Frankie’s too happy with your switch-siding, dick-riding ways bruh:

            EIKNARF @_JakeWoolf watching you transform as a person 20 times since I met you is up next.

            You change up for whomever’s influencer nuts you gotta “Woolf” down (all pun dawgs). Keep it 100 and stop sucking dick for RTs cool kid.

            Let me guess, is Teagardin Teabaggin’ you. Nuts licking for a Nike package Brosef (all pun).

          • Chill b

            Hey Jake Woolf, I don’t think Frankie’s too happy with your switch-siding, dick-riding ways bruh:

            EIKNARF @_JakeWoolf watching you transform as a person 20 times since I met you is up next.

            You change up for whomever’s influencer nuts you gotta “Woolf” down (all pun dawgs). Keep it 100 and stop sucking dick for RTs cool kid.

            Let me guess, is Teagardin Teabaggin’ you. Nuts licking for a Nike package Brosef (all pun).

  • Brett

    How is this about style? Who gives a fuck about some troll picking up a charger for him?

    • ASAP Creed

      Jeff Woolf was actually the charger delivery man. He got a hug, tickled some balls and went home…to write this article lol #balltickler

  • duh jesus

    do a story on Michael Knapp, he actually creates


    I fail to understand social media’s fascination with this fuccboi

  • pick a name they said

    Can’t believe someone would really drive somewhere for a random stranger for a charger. If he wasn’t getting any buns from the honnies or doing it for the fam than he should get a therapist and talk about what his life is about.

  • strictlymilfs

    This was like reading a manuscript of a 2nd graders show and tell. Fuck this kid’s dumb.

  • Scotty Megga

    I really can’t tell if this article is dissing him on the low. The quotes you chose seem to highlight his less insightful and more meaningless “who really gives a fuck” statements.

  • Blogga’ Bryant

    Lmaoooooooo I’m crying

  • The Truth

    I know this was over 2 years ago but cut the guy some slack, I’m so not influenced by anything this guy has written, however I’ve known about Ian Connor just before he did his modelling for Dope Chef, I know what he’s about and personally he’s one of my favourite people to see what they do next, I’ve never seen anything like Ian connor before, he’s unique and being unique can’t go without being unnoticed. He’s the king of the youth and I will follow my king wherever he goes, his fashion game was and still is unrealI, I respect what that guy spends his money on. The guy knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to clothes and that’s why he’s Wiz Khalifa’s stylist, the guy is blowing up each day and he shows no signs of slowing down.