Imagining #Menswear Heaven

If you’ve accepted Crisp Kringle as your personal lord and savior then a posthumous lifestyle marked by bombers, brunch and Jordans that take a toothbrush to themselves awaits you in #Menswear Heaven. I know this because one time in Sid Mashburn a Japanese tailor accidentally stuck me in the femoral artery and, when I came-to hours later, I’d cheated death and bore witness to the splendor that is #Menswear Heaven. Yes, I’m crazy. Now pay me the same respect you’d pay Robin Leach while he walked you through Left Eye’s pool house.

Rick Morrison is a writer living in North Carolina. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • Is this

    hahaah yes!

  • WAVY

    No girls? Take me to hell please.

  • realtrehunnaJR Bow

    yall bored as fuck. imagining the gates of #menswear heaven. lol, though

  • thetrilltroll

    this shit corny and wack as fuck

  • Seven_Bread

    Why don’t you start answering sophisticated #menswear questions from people, like “I’m a white skinny dude, what happend to wool trousers and slip-ons?”.
    The blog-section of the article killed me, and made me wonder.

  • OK_ok

    I feel this post would´ve been so much better if you got Jon Moy to write it.

  • OK_ok

    This aint GQ circa 1987. Shits played out. There are no rules anymore. People wear tuxes with subtle Lanvins and you don´t have to wear brown double monks only in daytime.

  • q

    definitely reaching with this one