Men’s Fashion May Be For Clowns, But Being Butthurt Is For Assholes

Wow, my guy Hamilton Nolan does not like fashion. In fact, he thinks men's fashion is for clowns. HE EVEN COMES AT THE GOD JON CARAMANICA. First off, you can't invalidate your own opinion by having the third sentence in your op-ed say, "I usually do not write about Fashion Week, for the same reason that sports reporters do not write about the latest advances in nuclear technology." YOU JUST ETHERED YOUR WHOLE OPINION BY ADMITTING YOU AREN'T QUALIFIED TO WEIGH IN ON THE SUBJECT MATTER AT HAND. Furthermore, this is the same genius who posits that sport coats and jeans should never be worn together. Um, okay, bro.

But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, my palindromic name having guy. You are a human being who is capable of stringing words together to form sentences and paragraphs. So ostensibly you are allowed to have an opinion on men's fashion. But the problem is that your opinion is uninformed as fuck. Why is it that you have to insert the caveat that you are neither a woman, nor a fashionista as if that would have any bearing on whether or not men's fashion is for clowns? It's a not so subtle take on the "no homo" trope. I'm to believe that because you have a penis you aren't capable of having a cogent reaction to men's fashion? Or worse, you are somehow above it, better than nancies like us that fawn over garments. It's no different than saying you can't, and won't even, attempt to understand ballet because it seems girly. Or that rap music is for thugs because it's dominated by young, black men who speak about, amongst a myriad of other things, guns and drugs. By simply asserting at the onset of your argument (without any real evidence other than your admitted philistinism) that the entire genre must be dismissed because it's frivolous doesn't actually prove any point at all. The reviews you cite do not advocate the wearing of capes in public in any way shape or form. To deny that men's fashion and runway shows don't influence mass-market clothing retailers is to deny the reality of the business. No one in men's fashion is saying that real criticism can't occur and that some looks aren't, indeed, downright clownish. But to write the whole endeavor off as a pursuit better left to men who aren't really men because they care about clothing and style is such a simplistic conclusion that I can't even begin to wrap my head around your thought processes.

I am tempted to inject the whole Devil Wears Prada argument about why acting like you are above the frivolous world of fashion is ignorant of the trickle-down effect that informs even the clothes you, a self-admittedly "unpresentable" person, consume. However, that argument is overdone and, in some ways, overstated and not one you're willing to admit. Instead, my final response to your thesis that men's fashion is for clowns is the fact that I wore a shawl in public and absolutely loved it. And your opinion on my clownish gear? I'ONT GIVE NO FUCKS.

  • B

    Right on Moy.

  • Pleebs Bow

    Every time you drop one of these gems my initial reaction is to spam blast the target with links to the write-up. V skrong and justified lvls of sonning.

  • queb

    I expect gawker to be inarticulate but macho too? The part that angers me is that this guy ostensibly gets paid to write such poorly-written hit-bait and by responding we can only raise his hits.

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  • Dan

    Real Nigga Rap.

  • easy on the big words son

    what the fuck is palindromic about “hamilton nolan”?

    • jon

      Nolan Hamilton also sounds like a name of a guy that would think fashion is only for girls

  • Evil Merino

    Yeahhh boy. I’m gonna be honest though, 99% of the time the “sport jacket n jeans” look is FUCKING awful. Like it is the epitome of the beta fedora user who wants to “Look CLASSY and CASUAL.” It’s not that it can’t look good, its just it’s been ruined by neckbeards worldwide. I mean, you don’t have to wear wool trousers, but buy some fucking chino’s bruhs.

    • Bronello_Cucinelli

      This image confuses me so much.

      • Evil Merino

        It’s a photo from a video game convention. The picture is the Bungie company photo from the event. It just shows who loves the sport jacket and jeans look.

        • Bronello_Cucinelli

          My assumption was a “wear a suit jacket to work day” at Myspace circa 2005

  • Meow

    Moy skills.

  • jack

    feelings caught

  • Ryo

    Ooo kill ’em

  • JD

    First off, your reaction to the insinuations made by this article are accurate and well thought out. Yes, for the most part Hamilton has no plausible reason to have an opinion on the subject. However, he is an outsider and a man which sometimes we in the industry need to take a step back and look at the direction everything is going. This season’s shows and trade-shows was the first time in a long time where I have thought to myself “Have we gone Too Far?”… 6-7 years ago the consumer took back the industry in menswear with the real love for products, manufacturing, and quality replaced trend driven over-stylized “this season is all about ____” Blogs replaced advertisement driven fashion magazines, and grass roots and international boutiques shook the fashion houses and department store system. Things got flipped on their head and the street was without bending influencing fashion, and everyone in the industry was playing catch-up. Now it looks as if they have captured the grass roots and flipped our principals upon ourselves with the attraction, ego, glamour of fashion where it was about product and style before. Going to the trade-shows seeing everyone vie for a limelight “street style” photo shoot shows we have lost our way. The resurgence in Menswear has been driven by the fanatic not the fashionista. This was not about putting on capes, and layering with every product category and accessory we could fit into our suitcase or on our body. 7 layers is nothing but a joke. It has become ridiculous again, and some have been seduced to promote costuming and really forget that Menswear had become more foundational than that, more meaningful than trend and peacocking. Around the shows this year at Pitti and New York there were some clowns, and for the most part that is a shift we should look at. Have we gotten Hijacked? It it about Style or Fashion? Product or Trend? Have we gone to far?

  • Joe S

    This is Hamilton Nolan. I think I would prefer him to stay on the sidelines hating on developments in mens fashion anyways. People like him will never get it

  • T

    The author at gawker isn’t on the wrong side of the field, he just doesn’t understand his argument. What he’s really arguing for is substance – anyone who follows fashion without acknowledging it’s total lack of substantative value to humanity is a clown. The person who commits his life to pursuits of substance and style will always be remembered and valued by his contributions of substance.

    This article misses the point. Sure, dress how you like, but realize it is secondary and disposable to every other valuable life pursuit.