Mike The Ruler Ascends To New York Magazine, Is Crowned “The Boy Prince Of Cool”

Since we introduced you to Mike the Ruler last year, homie has very much popped off on the interwebs. He's been featured on various blogs and been interviewed for numerous publications, but our yung street goth has now fully ascended, gracing the hallowed pages of New York Magazine, which recently profiled Mike as a part of their "The Weird Wide World of Internet Fame" cover story.

First off, we gotta discuss the fact that, clearly, the Ruler has gone through a bit of a growth spurt, which means everything he wore last year totally doesn't fit him anymore, which is a total bummer. I don't know if he has siblings, but let's hope they love HBA.

In his profile, "The Boy Prince of Cool" comes across as a smart 13-year-old who truly knows his shit when it comes to the labels he loves. In reaction to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met in 2011 that really kicked his passion into high gear, he states: "[The clothes] were dark. Some were disturbing and beautiful at the same time. And it felt like they were demanding something. It put this thought into my head that clothes were important and they have their own personalities and they tell stories when you wear them." Not bad, Mike, not bad.

In person, however, Mike is a bit awkward like anyone his age, which may have something to do with the unfortunate bullying homie is currently weathering in eight grade. Apparently, his classmates call him "homeless," "gay" and "stupid," but none of that "rude crap" even matters "because they don't get it." Fuck the haters. Last time I checked, Timmy and Billy weren't stunting on the goddamn cover of NY Mag. If nerding out about hyped-up clothing makes the "Instagram Fashion Star" happy, who's to tell him otherwise? So, Mike the Ruler's gonna keep doing him at both home and on Instagram where, in his own words, "I feel like I can be the person who I am." Amen.

  • kc

    Terry Richardson try to fuck this kid too huh?

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  • Yes.

    I wish my parents still paid for my trill habit…

  • mic

    slide 6 isn’t gonna help with the bullying problem

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    Mike The Ruler x Brandon Sales coming F/W 2015

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    Mike the Ruler’s mom could get it in the worst way but yall aint know that

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    Mike the fuccboi

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