New York City Street Style: December 4, 2013

See all of Ben's Four Pins street style here.

Ben Ferrari is a photographer living in New York City. You can see more of his photography at Style No Chaser and follow him on Twitter here.

  • William Sells

    number nine straight killin it

  • queb

    Some of these are pretty good with the exception of some laughable scarves.

  • Trisan


    • That Dude

      Tight comment playa

  • Booga

    15 is got the clown suit on.

  • DMSthaWolf

    What kind of boots does #6 have?

    • Steve

      Das boot


    Yo all of these are so fresh. Really catch some true style people are messing with these days. One of my favorite ss’s in a minute

  • yung aquarium

    4pinz, y’all needa understand that just because they’re wearing nice things doesn’t mean they’re dressed well. Please noise up.

  • danielheard

    The over-sweater on 10, thats a new one.

  • TJay

    nicest one i’ve seen in a while

  • Yes.

    New York fucked up it’s pant game.

  • Reymont Cantil

    ricky powell!!!