New York City Street Style: January 6, 2014

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • booboobb

    #3 is either “look at that mega-babe” or “look at those double monks”

    • OK_ok

      95% he´s gay so probably latter

      • booboobb

        what is this hypebeast? homophobic jokes in 2014 are almost as funny as quoting anchorman

        • connor

          I think you immediately regret this decision. Btw OK_ok, that guy on your pro pic has a 95% he’s watching gay porn your dad made

          • booboobb

            lol wut

        • squatty

          gay jokes will always be hilarious dumbass

          • booboobb

            wanna collab?

        • swagswag

          fuck out of here with that GLADD shit. You can make fun of anybody you want we have the internet and its 2014

        • OK_ok

          How was my comment a joke?

      • Carl

        Goes to equinox soho, one of the few straights. But I’ve never seen him look so gay.

  • HL Merkin

    cool that Mort from the Bazooka Joe comics showed up for slide 2

  • OK_ok

    That guy is #14 is such a fucking punch-magnet

  • NP10

    #14 whyyyyyy?

  • Matt

    No Gregory’s coffee or Trunzo pics? I am conflicted…

  • guest

    number 5 looks like quazimodo lol. skinnyguy in 14 looks like hes just about to freeze thinking about snatching that fur from the black guy. and the rest is totally avarage

  • PAF

    How many guys in NYC and you can’t do any better than these? They all look awfully boring to me…

  • @JonnySawItFirst

    London does it so much better.

  • Tiziano Domenico Lelio

    don’t work i can’t see the pics

  • Carl

    Do you ever leave SOHO to take shots of stylish NYers

  • teov

    5 – the hunchback of notre dame