New York City Street Style: November 1, 2013

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Blake

    Is pic 12 a joke?

    • Street Meat

      Those MIGHT be common projects, but dude looks like an old navy mannequin otherwise. Edit down, fellahs.

  • Serge P.


  • Street Meat

    On a more positive note, a lot of these looks are more interesting than the usual menswear cliches weve been seeing for 3 years.
    Perhaps dudes are finding that balance between safe and edgy without looking stoopid.

  • Dick Rooster

    Slide 16 hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • HL Merkin

    slide 2 got the gas face

  • HL Merkin

    slide 2 got the gas face

  • Fernando Silva López

    #16 looks like he is from fedorasfromokc

  • Marty McFly

    The gloves in slide 18 anyone?

    They’re a vintage driving glove style but those in particular are dope.


    One of the more beautifully shot street styles in a while. Good shit!!

  • The Straw Man

    Regarding slide 13…

    Are straws the new cool accessory? The toothpick thing via Ryan Gosling in Drive never really caught on.

    That straw looks like Margiela, for sure.
    Anyone know where to shop for dope straws?

  • Woofs Mackenzie

    Slide 2 looking like some hard boiled-ass detective out snoping a case for some leggy dame

  • Juan

    Source on coat in Slide 1?

    • fuckyosteez

      Basic Niggas F/W 2013

  • qyyfqfli

    Grey blazer/jacket underneath the denim coat in #21?

    • The Third

      YMC from F/W 2011

  • Dave Anthony

    One of the most stylish places on earth.

  • zakk |

    21 tho.

  • theneedledrap

    slide 1: decent to strong 8
    slide 2: strong 4 to light 5
    slide 3: light to decent 7
    slide 4: decent to strong 6
    slide 5: light to decent 6
    slide 6: decent to strong 5
    slide 7: strong 4 to light 5
    slide 8: decent to strong 4
    slide 9: strong 6 to light 7
    slide 10: strong 2 to a light 3
    slide 11: strong 7 to a light 8
    slide 12: strong 6 to light 7 but the hat brings it down to a light to decent 5
    slide 13: light to decent 8
    slide 14: decent to strong 6
    slide 15: strong 7 to a light 8
    slide 16: strong 4 to a light 5
    the guy behind slide 16: decent to strong 8
    slide 17: light to decent 6
    slide 18: decent 4 to light 5
    slide 19: decent to strong 7
    slide 20: strong 6 to a light 7
    slide 21 (centre): strong 8 to light 9
    slide 21 (right): decent to strong 8

  • Nerd

    Can anyone ID the coat in #1?

  • Gareth

    21? Really? Everyone in that slide looks like middle american just-moved-to-the-city wannabes-slash-catalog models. Those beanies are too clean. What a bunch of boring posers.

  • notsoflat

    dudes need to chill with their murse game

  • Ken P

    V Rare MMM Dolly Sweater Sighting

  • Ross

    Coat in 11 anyone?

  • checkplease

    slide 2 nigga looks like that ugly dude from sin city