New York City Street Style: November 16, 2012

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Alex Lee is a street style blogger and designer living in New York City. See more of his work here and his clothing collection, XXBC, here. Follow him on Instagram here.

  • emilio

    nah. real new york street style is champion hoodies, H/H, polo sport n shit. we rock uptowns n jordans n timbs over here. not that sailor ass shit

  • JB

    Of COURSE he shops at adidas.

  • Gabes

    Did I see a PETA violation, a fanny pack and goddamn snowmobile suit!? This can’t be style.

    • alex l.


  • bianca

    a) emilio, do you know how to speak proper english? clearly not. b) gabes, faux fur, heard of it? You also clearly have no concept of what style is… an expression of the person. and if you’ve ever stepped into an urban outfitters maybe this would be a little more apparent to you. plenty of people like this kind of stuff, I do. I think it’s bold and new and awesome. so get over it.

    • jack

      you do not sound fun in real life

    • Gabes

      Oh, it’s faux fur? Now I get it. Clearly you’ve never heard of sarcasm since it would have been sad if that fur were real and if your barometer for style is whatever is on the shelves of UO…well, that’s not much of a personal expression. A fanny pack, hunting gear and fake fur is neither bold, new or awesome. But whatever works for ya, brah.

  • Untitled

    Does anyone know the varsity jacket in the second photo?

    • Nicolas

      Junya Watanabe from last season I believe although Oliver Spencer threw some (almost identical) Fair isle jackets about for A/W 12 as well,could be one of those

  • Horst

    Slide 7 is good, but the rest is exceptionally poor. From a style perspective and from a photographic perspective.

  • roxymusic

    this nigga looks like an old virginia slave