New York Fashion Week Street Style: Part II

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • ediakone

    Slide 21 is cool

  • Luchini

    Slide 4 is dope. Are they those Philip Lim sweats?
    And anybody have any idea about the brogue sneakers?

  • Alexander

    I’m a #3 guy myself. Would love to get on that belted public-exposer tip

  • FreshSince75

    What is the sweatshirt is slide 22? Y-3? No? I want to find that…anyone?

  • sea_bass


    • Tom

      MKI baseball jersey i thinkkkkk

      • sea_bass

        You are right! The button pattern is spot on. Something else I just noticed is that MKI is just a rebranded Athletic Knit baseball jersey. Thanks for the tip!

  • PAIN

    #5 what is this I don’t even

    • cozyKev

      prolly a FIT student smh

  • aaron

    #15 is porhomme, no?

  • cozyKev

    #39 tailored true religions?

  • JuvenileTrendsetter

    Jake Gallagher’s belted coat in slide 3 is dope as hell.

  • AcessorieKing215

    Can any one tell me where #20 got that cuban link bracelet??? If possible I’m in love with it

  • Matt

    #7 needs more buttons and clip on bow ties.

  • Emilboedker

    Anyone know something about the shirt on #33?

  • Jamie McKeon

    hahahahah slide 5 i am so dead

  • lazy_panda

    ha check out that collar gap in #18