New York Fashion Week Street Style: Part IV

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Austin G

    I’m big on the pullover in 13

  • Nerd

    nick wooster rocking the glasses john lennon died in

    • Nick Wooster

      You’re going to hell for that one, you little fuck.

  • connor

    no decent nigga should be stuntin with them sandal this time of year

  • shinji

    24 straight out from robbing banks to afford that new visvim

  • hypeo

    Can someone please tell me what those nikes are in slide 28?!?!

    • Sjoerd K.


  • GM

    Those Nike wingtips tho slide 28 lol

  • GM

    Tom Sachs x Nike x Cole Haan

  • obh

    13 = fire

  • cozyKev

    is that a cooler swizz beatz on 11?

  • Jean Paul Versace

    #19.. is dat u, Joe Jonas?

  • an

    on that thom browne x target swag in 29 lulz

  • Josh

    Man, the clothing in these slides are questionable…

  • Howle

    Not really impressed by much of this, excluding those Nike’s in #28 of course

  • Marco Poloni

    Slide 4.
    That wool bathrobe is dope.
    Brand, anyone?

  • Carver Low

    what’re those tassel-y joints in slide 27?

  • Dr.Zee

    Nike Wingtips slide 28 is cray
    Slide 3 shout out Nick Wooster #russian steez
    Other loos, swizz beatz and scarf on slide 2