Pigalle Fall/Winter 2013 Looks Really Cool On The Internet

Pigalle just dropped their F/W 13 lookbook and is way too rare for words. Granted, I've never even seen anything in person that wasn't a tee or hoodie, but the dude who owns the company isn't legally allowed to enter the U.S., creating an allure and general sense of badassery. I guess if you're not going to live in the greatest country on earth then you might as well have a good reason such as that. As for the clothes themselves, like I said, rarity for days. Orange tweed raw hem kilts, dress length zip-up hoodies and tie-dye unconstructed blazers are just a few of the bangers, although all of these things run you the major risk of utter embarrassment even if you look really cool on the Internet.


  • Luchini

    Damn, I wanna see more of that jacket/coat/whatever in slide 5.