Pop Up Flea Street Style: Part I

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

December 7, 82 Mercer Street, New York

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.


  • Nerd

    Dude in #2 is 100% wearing a fake beard. Or a faux beard. #Fashion

    • Tommy Dennis

      thats ouigi theodore of brooklyn circus fame. where you been?

    • Fawaz

      That’s his beard LOL .

    • Brandon E. D.

      Someone get this kid out of here smh

      • Nerd

        Are you wearing a faux sense of humour?

        And stop saying ‘smh’. This is the Pinz – not Detroit, my dude.

        • WAVY

          The most prolific writer on Four Pins is from Detroit… smfh at you for this borderline racist reply. FOH (is it too ”urban” for you as well?)

          • Nerd

            Big ups for playing the victim card but my surname ends in “stein”. I play it better.

            Just so you know, not everyone from Detroit is black afaik. Nice try though.

          • WAVY

            Tmi. And Imo Smh > Afaik. Ttyl

        • TJay

          this reply hurt my eyes

  • Fawaz

    The chore coat in #2 is straight fire

  • stfumikep

    whats up with #16’s sideburn

    • Lexapro

      dude i thought i was tripping when i saw that

    • Tony

      possibly the nastiest shit that’s ever been on da pinz

  • Subtle Yet So Cool

    Slide 24…
    Can’t see his eyes in the shot yet he’s still winkin.


    • WOW

      v rare asymmetric straps 1/1 ever made *VERY STRAIGHT-FORWARD SWAG* #extremelybased

  • TJay

    Slide #4 layer game v seasoned

    • James

      Yeah but his face says he enjoys the smell of his own farts.


    I can’t decide if slide #24 buttoning up his coat incorrectly is cool or stupid.

  • Guest

    Anybody know the shades in 21? They look a little like the autodromo stelvios but I can’t say for sure

  • cozyKev

    i think dude in slide 20 is dying someone send help

  • Rob

    You’re trying to imitate Hypebeasts “Street Snaps” and you’re failing misserably, Complex.

  • Brow

    whats them boots in 7 tho

    • ‘SMH’

      oak street bootmakers, chop a tree down stee

  • Jiminy Cricket

    omg so drunk right nowww

  • Booger Snitzle

    You accidentally uploaded a photo of a homeless red head. #20

  • hfsjhdfh

    im so sick of all these fucking peacoats

  • obh

    ID on shirt in 5 anybody??