Shurt Feelings: Volume XIV

"Shurt Feelings" is an ongoing series in which we make fun of the dumbest T-shirts of the week.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • TRILL BA$$

    Yolo – by mark mcnai… oh, I forgot. Boyfriend.

  • LSP

    Lmfao “instead of ear lobes they have cat buttholes”

  • Shurt McGurt

    On point as always…
    Consistently one of the funniest features on da Pins.

    And to think some dudes will be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner tmrw wearing some of these.

  • Howle

    How do people who design this shit get job’s. Really.

    • fragrancemilllionaire

      kanye would fuck the disgner game up

    • Ed

      Because they know how to fucking use apostrophes.

      • mike

        not making much sense homie

  • liamout


  • Guest
    • SC


    • Alexander Owen

      Yes its sold at

      • Nerd

        Pseudo-organic. Really bad advertising technique.

  • ME

    Did writing this post make u feel productive ?

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      did making that comment make you feel productive?

  • SomeOtherGuy

    I love when other people realize that certain companies are trying to sell you crap lol#karmaloop #plndr

  • rds

    The ‘KUSH’ shirt made me laugh. Whatever genius that made it put a Sativa cannabis leaf… People need to understand that ‘Kush’ is a specific kind of weed… of the Indica variety…

  • Andy

    When I said shurt feelings was back with such emphasis on the most recent one, it was because I somehow missed this one when it came around. Slide #4 … I love you Skip.