Supreme x Dead Kennedys Spring/Summer 2014 May Get You Punched In A Sweaty Crowd

On the heels of the epic fuckery that was the release of the Supreme x Nike Foamposite collection, the NYC-based label has just unveiled its latest collaborative effort. This time around, they've teamed up with hardcore band Dead Kennedys, which was formed in 1978 and has cult-like status within the punk rock and harcore music scenes. Look, I don't listen to hardcore music ever (like a lot of the people ultimately buying this collection), but what I do know about the genre is that much like Supreme, fans of it are devout and unwavering in their dedication. I also know certain hardcore fans don't booze (known as "straight edge"), which from a health standpoint is pretty smart, but, then again, these are people punching each other's dicks off in the middle of sweaty crowds, so it kind of evens out. From a graphics standpoint, I don't think this is Supreme's best effort, although it's certain that people will eat up that work jacket with the money cross on the back because crosses and money are cool as shit. Supreme x Dead Kennedys drops this Thursday, April 10.


  • stfumikep

    Now watch as all the Supreme kids claimed they listened to Dead Kennedys before this was announced.

  • Tyler

    Ginger going super saiyan

  • meow

    Not very strong

  • yeee

    i thought the theme of the shoot was northern irish political unrest then i got to slide 3

  • nerd-182

    Nothing says punk rock like a $40 million company selling your tshirts at $30 a pop.

    • Ghost Poop Johnson

      since when was $30 for a t-shirt at all out of the ordinary

      • Carver Low

        At punk shows shirts generally top out at $20, and that’s considered pricey.

        • nerd-182

          yeah i have no problem with $30 for a tshirt but i bought my first bootleg dead kennedys shirt when i was 15 for $5 from a crust punk. thats punk. fashion and punk should stay separate (regardless of what that moron malcom mcclaren says).

  • Carver Low

    Jello Biafra isn’t gonna be very happy about these

  • Swag Daddy

    oh wow so political *yawn*

    Supreme could make a cologne colab with febreze and people would be shooting each other trying to get it.

  • shmite67

    I like this collection because I listen to Dead Kennedys but I was really hoping for a hat to come with the collection

  • Teddy

    Try reading past the first few words during your exhaustive Wikipedia research – the Dead Kennedys are a hardcore punk band, not a hardcore band, and they were never straight edge. However, they did write a song about you (and everyone else who’s going to buy this shit). It’s called Holiday in Cambodia, and I suggest you take a brief respite from cranking yourself off to box logos and give it a listen.


    I hope the Angry Samoans or Subhumans X Supreme are next, and its Punk Rock, not hardcore.