The 25 Best Brands And Designers Of The #Menswear Era

It's safe to say that too much ink has been spilled covering the cultural phenomenon known as #menswear. From unnecessarily high-brow fuckery to an ironic book that shall remain nameless because it was written by very same guy who cuts my checks, #menswear has grabbed the attention of dudes across the Internetz through the omnipotent power of social media. While mainstream America is finally catching on to the benefits of tailored clothing and well-designed footwear, for us die-hard dork types, #menswear’s rise paralleled the rise of Tumblr-based blogging and Twitter-based ranting circa late 2008 up until now.

Because #menswear gave way to the general acceptance of a certain desire to look good, it in turn afforded a whole new level of creativity from a handful of ambitious and emerging brands and designers. If we really want to understand #menswear at face value, our best bet is to observe and quantify those under its loosely defined umbrella. Let's just get it out of the way and say that any discussion of #menswear is, at best, dogma and, at worst, conversational masturbation. However, we the best, so fuck it. Above, we honor those that paved the way for a generation of sartorially inclined gentleman and helped propel an often change resistant industry.

Jake Woolf is a writer living in New York City. You can read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Timo Häberle

    not trying to be a smart-ass, but Suitsupply is Dutch, not Danish

    • Jake Woolf

      Thanks for pointing that out. Bummer that I had to be the one to reinforce the “ignorant American” stereotype for the day but I guess someone’s got to do it.

    • Lawrence

      This oversight has since been corrected. Our apologies. Thanks for the heads up, Timo.

  • Carlos

    Agreed with everything you said about Michael Bastian, loved the article! The CFDA better be again for him this year.

  • John Hager

    Our Legacy missing? Wow.

    • Art


      You nailed it. I was thinking there’s just one brand missing off this list.

  • K

    No Unis??

  • Theo

    Sid Mashburn?

  • Josh Dcg

    Explain to me the Thom Browne knock off comment on CM, when he used to be their creative director

  • Matt

    Wondering how SId Mashburn didn’t make the cut and Club Monaco did…I’m an Aaron Levine fan but CM is a total cluster.

  • Derrick Martin

    How do you NOT include Ralph Lauren? Renders this list a joke…

    • WAVY

      Co-sign 100% that RL is the GOAT. But since it’s the best of the #Menswear era, I’m not gonna cry Woolf on that one.

    • klr

      RL is not #menswear. It’s always been a standard for people who don’t know better.

      • Derrick Martin


        let me clarify. i know better. i have everything in my closet, yet i come back to RL- vintage and his higher quality current stuff- because he knows what the hell he is doing. is it the most original thing ever? no. but what designer listed here is doing something that RL hasn’t done already?

        • klr

          1. Menswear is not #menswear. #menswear is a subcategory of Menswear.
          2. I agree with most of your statements, but as you stated “vintage and his high quality stuff,” he’s no longer just appealing to the broad base of the #menswear trend.
          3. Agreed most of these designers listed have taken reference of RL further stating why he shouldn’t be on this list. He is a staple of anyone in the #menswear era, but he came before it.The #menswear era is all about taking the rules, which he helped define, and challenging them and elevating them to couture levels only seen with women’s fashion, something he hast has done well with Club Monaco.

          I have no qualms with stating that RL is one of the GOATs of Menswear but that’s for another list.

          • Barack Obama

            #1 in your post is THE most pretentious shit I´ve read all day.

  • Grants

    You also forgot Steven Alan. They were pushing Filson bags, Engineered Garments, selvedge denim and American-made down at the original location on Franklin in ’02. And it was several year before I started to see the exact same styles- and visual merchandising- show up at J.Crew (it’s no coincidence they opened the Liquor Store around the corner 4/5 years later). But y’all didn’t show up to the game until a couple years ago so how would you know…

  • jms

    what about Acne?

    • Barack Obama


  • Dave Hahn

    I’m not sure why so many articles I’m reading these days are predicting the death of “Americana” in menswear? Boots, jeans and collared shirts are on their way out? I mean, I see shit like barn jackets going out soonish (if they were ever really in) but I see more heritage artisan bullshit now than ever before.


    sorry but this time I dont agree with you….there many missing and much better than what you have mentioned… it looks like you mentioned the ones you promote the most in your posts…

  • Rufio

    Carhartt WIP didn’t make it …. :(

  • Mark Voltaire

    There are new brands that represent modern menswear and should be looked into for consideration… ABSOLUTE REBELLION