The Diary Of A J.W. Anderson Runway Model At London Fashion Week

With his Fall/Winter 2013 show during London Fashion Week that included men's dresses, short shorts and more ruffles than a bag of Lay's, UK designer J.W. Anderson bucked trends, tradition and expectations as to what constitutes menswear and conventional wisdom. It was a veritable buck-a-palooza. In the words of The New York Times' Eric Wilson, "It takes some nerve to ask a man to wear what appeared to be a tube top made of camel wool crepe." Indeed. But, in a fortuitous turn of events, we uncovered the private diary of one of Anderson's models who wore that very outfit. Here's an unprecedented peek into how he felt to model that particularly unusual piece in such a surprising collection.

Steve Dool is a writer based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter.

  • Luchini


    • Luchini

      Also, slide 4 looks like a legit woman. An ugly woman, but still.

  • Stirling Matheson

    Still better than Yoko’s fustercluck.

  • JP

    Is the diary excerpt for real? It’s hilarious. Too hilarious to be real.

    • lawrences

      See: “Humor” tag. Too good to be true, I know.

  • Jay

    I would voluntarily have my corneas torn than see any dude I was dating wear these jawnz. But like, can I say, as a woman, that I am basically drooling a puddle of desire onto my keyboard from this collection. They make these in XXS, right?

  • Henny

    fccckkk that designer & fashion in general

  • taylor

    am pretending i dont see dudes wearing em clothes…. the collection looks good… but then again it’s menswear, supposedly

  • Tjay

    Yoko must have started a new wave of “menswear” mindfuckery. Notice the quotation marks around the word menswear.

  • RZ

    Are you fist f*#%ing me? Fashion?!?!?!? A bunch of “men” prancing around in womens’ clothing! This is about the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen and quite frankly it’s disgusting! The models and “designer” out to be taken out back and be shown the business end of a rubber hose!

    • Gabby

      I’m sorry to point it out, but you are the reason the stigma of gender roles exist. Congratulations. It shouldn’t matter that it looks like women’s clothing, if anything is absurd about it, be it the design or the fit, not the context.

  • Maar


  • SusanH

    I think it’s very progressive to create feminine clothes for men. Androgyny IS the future!